size? collections – Yannik Schubéus (@swoosh_fever) – Shift Leader at a trainer store

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With the forthcoming release of the cult classic Nike Air Max BW, we thought it would be fitting to make this week’s size? collections all about this legendary silhouette. We had to find a collector first though, so we reached out to Yannik Schubéus to showcase his unbelievable collection. Ranging from OG pairs to Manchester size? Exclusives, this collection is full of grails that will leave Air Max connoisseurs amazed and nostalgic. So, what are you waiting for? Dig into the collection below and get in the mood for the Nike Air Max BW release on Friday…


“I got in contact with the Air Max BW through Gabber music and some people around me. After I got my first pair, I had to collect more from this amazing silhouette.”

Classic Blue-Grey Stone (1993)

“Currently my oldest and favourite Air Max BW. Next to the famous Persian Violet, this pair is the perfection of an Air Max BW. Mesh, textile and blue hues.”

Metallic Copper-Midnight Navy (1996) and Neutral/Navy (1995)

Blue/Midas Gold (1997), TWL Blue Obsidian (1998), Midnight Navy/Varsity Maize (1999)

White/Mint Green (2001) and Obsidian/Metallic-Silver (2004)

“I got the Navy pair from a friend here in Germany. But instead of paying him an amount of money, he said: “just spend an amount to this children’s hospice, my company work for and I’m happy because the children need the money more than I need it”. This was the best way to get new shoes.”

Manchester / clerks Pack – Size? Exclusive (2006)

“In 2005/2006, Nike joined forces with some retailers around the globe to be part of the Clerks Pack. Size? chose the Air Stab, Air Max 90 and this Air Max BW, which is called ‘Manchester’, with premium leather and thick mesh for a walk on a rainy day.”

Jon Burgerman and White/Blue (2007)

“Jon Burgerman and Nike released some pairs back in 2007, the Pack included some Air Max 90s, LTDs, Shoxs, an Air Max 1 and two BWs. Every pair feature some of Jon Burgerman’s artwork.”

Women’s Persian (2009), Persian Violet (2003) plus a Vintage Nike International track jacket

“The two OG colourways which were released back in 1991. The Persian was released for men and the white Persian or better called Reverse Persian was released for women. Over the years Nike retroed the men Persian a couple times (2000, 2003, 2005, 2008, 2013, 2016), but the Persian for women only one time in 2009. My favourite Retro is the 2003 pair because it has the best-looking shape and biggest bubble next to the OG Persian.”

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