Introducing the new NNormal

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Growing up in the Spanish Pyrenees, Kilian Jornet had the mountains as his playground where he was free to run, climb and ski as he pleased. Today, he is considered one of the best mountain athletes in the world, and if that wasn’t impressive enough, he also holds a record for a double ascent of Mount Everest. Currently living in Norway, he’s an avid climate advocate, raising awareness about environmental impact and what we can do to protect the planet.

Jornet was introduced to Camper through a mutual friend, a family-owned Mallorcan footwear company. It all started in 1877 when Antonio Fluxa introduced the first shoemaking machines to Inca, igniting the spark that takes us to 1975 when Antonio’s grandson Lorenzo started Camper. The brand is built on the principles of quality, comfort, irony and innovation, and still operates under these core pillars, led by fourth-generation Fluxa, Miguel.

Why are we telling you this? Well, in 2022, Kilian and Camper came together to create NNormal (Nor – way + Mal – lorca = NNormal – get it?). The partnership is in clear alignment on philosophy, which is to inspire people to enjoy and respect nature by creating a product that offers an enjoyable outdoor experience whilst causing as little harm as possible. Transparency is key in the NNormal universe, by creating products that are durable and will stand the test of time, the brand works towards avoiding overconsumption.

NNormal’s footwear selection feels like a fresh breath of mountain air, each made with the latest Vibram technology. Let’s take a look.


The Kjerag is NNormal’s performance-boosting silhouette, that delivers propulsion with a light tread. From a lifestyle point of view, this model sits alongside the more familiar techy silhouettes, whilst offering an eco-conscious perspective – the durable upper is crafted from Kevlar yarn, which uses between 50-95% less water in the dying process. Plus the engineered foam midsole delivers quality compression and reduced slippage – ideal for exploring cities and trails alike.

Tomir 2.0

Built stronger, to last longer, NNormal’s Tomir 2.0 is the second generation in its lineage. This edition is a versatile and comfy design with more cushioning than its predecessor, while the new sole geometry improves stability and minimises impact. The upper has been specifically designed to be resistant to abrasion and snag, keeping them newer for longer, feeding into the brand’s waste-reducing ethos.

If you like the sound of NNormal so far and want to see more, head over to size? and check out our selection of silhouettes.

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