How to clean UGG Boots and Slippers

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Whether you’re cosying up by the fireplace in your Tasmans or braving the elements in your Ultra Minis, UGG delivers silhouettes for all seasons and environments. With colder seasons on their way, keeping your shoes looking fresh can be an impossible job, but there are ways to avoid damage from more unpredictable terrains. Our carefully devised How to clean Uggs guide can help though, but first, let’s delve into a little bit of history on the brand…

UGG was founded in 1978 by Australian surfer Brian Smith who used the cosy sheepskin boots to keep his feet warm between time riding waves in Southern California. Soon after, UGGs were a staple in chilled out Cali culture and in high demand in surf shops along the coast. Fast forward to today, UGG has remained a leader in creating timeless styles built for practicality, comfort and all season-round wear. Renowned for being there in those moments needing premium comfort, classic UGG boots and slippers are made from premium suede and UGGpure wool, delivering unlimited snugness throughout wear.

Now, we all know that heart sinking feeling when you get caught out by the rain or snow in your favourite pair of UGGs, so we’ve devised the ultimate guide to rescuing and restoring your boots in these situations. Have a browse and make your notes, you never know when this will be needed…

How to clean the suede shell of an UGG 

1.         Protect with Crep Protect Spray which formulates to create an invisible barrier to that shields the suede from damage. 

2.         Remove dust and muck from everyday wear using the hog hairbrush in the Crep Protect Cure cleaning travel kit. Do this when the boots are dry to lift away lingering dirt and restore the natural pile of the suede. 

3.         For tougher stains, use the Crep Protect cleaning solution with the microfibre cloth from the Cure cleaning travel kit. Begin on the cleanest area and work your way down to the dirtiest. This is usually top to bottom. Gently rub to activate the dirt-eliminating foam.  

How to clean water stains off UGGs?

Staining your UGGs with water is easily done but the good news is this that this can be easily fixed. If just a select area gets wet, act fast and use a damp cloth to evenly wet the rest of the suede to prevent water marks or lines. But if you’re too late and the shoe has already dried, follow these steps… 

1. Blot the affected areas with a wet cloth.

2. Stuff the boots with newspaper and let them dry away from direct heat. 

3. Use a specialist suede cleaner and a damp cloth. 

How to clean salt off Uggs?

As if avoiding the Rain and snow in your UGGs in the winter months wasn’t challenging enough, salt grit could be your next problem. 

1.         Mix a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water. Using a cloth, dab the solution on salt stains.

2.         Rinse with a cloth dipped in water and blot with a dry cloth.

3.         Allow time to dry completely.

How do I clean smelly UGGs? 

The cosy sheepskin lining found on UGG silhouettes is what makes you reach for them again and again. However, with frequent wear, the fleece can begin to smell. 

1.         Stuff wet UGGs with newspaper and leave to dry overnight. This naturally removes odours and will help the boots to retain their shape. 

2.         Sprinkle bicarbonate of soda inside the shoe and shake it to get an even coating throughout the boot. Leave overnight and hoover the excess powder the next morning. 

3.         Another quick fix to freshen your UGGs is our the Crep Protect Pill Shoe Freshener. Simply twist to activate the scent and leave in the shoe for as long as you like. 

Check out our range of UGG shoes at size? and keep them looking their best using our Crep Protect cleaning products.

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