Learn How to Clean Trainers with the Experts at Jason Markk

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There’s nothing quite like that box-fresh trainers feeling, only this isn’t something that lasts, especially when there are muddy paths, city streets and the Great British weather to contend with. Luckily for us, the team from Jason Markk has spent the last 17 years developing eco-friendly, quality treatments to keep your favourite pairs looking their best and offer them the greatest possible care.

If your trainer collection is anything like ours, you’ll be looking at a range of materials and textures, which can be tricky when cleaning. It’s important to treat your shoes as individuals on a case-by-case basis, rather than one size fits all. In this guide, you’ll learn how to clean trainers with a little help from the experts at Jason Markk – find out how to clean white trainers, suede trainers, mesh trainers, and canvas trainers. You’re welcome.

How to clean white trainers

We love white trainers. They look great, they go with a lot of outfits, and they’re timeless. Do you sense the “but” coming? Here it is – but they’re very hard to keep clean. No matter how careful you are, they do seem to attract dirt – we’ve all been there wondering, “how to clean my Air Force 1s…”. That’s okay though, Jason Markk has already thought about this and is here to present you with a solution.

All you need is the Jason Markk Essentials Kit and the Microfiber Cleaning Towel:

Step one

Start by brushing both the soles and uppers with your Durable Brush to remove the surface dirt. Next, dip your brush into your water bowl, apply the solution directly to the brush and re-dip in the water.

Step two

Now you’re prepped scrub from the sole up working in sections – ensuring the solution foams up – wipe each section as you go using your Microfiber Towel. On the delicate areas of the shoe (stitching, tags, embroidery), use the Microfiber Towel to clean them as a brush can be too abrasive.

Step three

Dip your laces in clean water and give them a squeeze to make sure they’re not too wet. Next, rub your solution into the laces until they’re foamed up and run them through a clean Microfiber Towel with a firm pinch to push out any excess dirt. Rinse the laces clean until the water runs clear and run through the towel again to try. 

Let both shoes and laces fully air dry before wearing, Jason Markk recommends leaving them for 24 hours.

How to clean suede trainers

Rule number one when it comes to cleaning suede shoes – do not put them in the washing machine –  as tempting as it might be, water can ruin the suede and leave staining on the surface. Apart from not doing well in water, suede is a durable fabric made from a thinner layer of animal hide than standard leather. Its surface is made up of raised fibres that give it its textured, fuzzy appearance – but how to clean it? (Enter Jason Markk).

You will need the Quick Clean Kit, the Suede Cleaning Kit, and the Microfiber Cleaning Towel.

Here’s what you do:

Step one

Take the Suede Brush and dust off any surface dirt and debris – make sure you’re really thorough when doing this.

Step two

Now you can see what you’re working with, take your RTU and apply it directly to your Premium Brush and scrub your shoe in sections. After each section, follow up quickly with the Microfiber Towel to dry it as soon as possible (remember what we said about suede and water), you can knead any dirt and moisture out of the shoe here.

* repeat where necessary

Step three

Leave your shoes to dry and move onto the laces, applying the RTU Foam directly and then rubbing the laces in your hands to foam together. Thread the laces through a clean Microfiber Towel with a firm pinch to remove any dirt.

Step four

Once your shoes are fully dry, use your Suede Kit to bring back the nap and butteriness of the suede – this step is an important part of getting your suede like new. In circular motions, move your brush across the upper, going over any areas that still feel stiff. Finish off with another light brush down.

How to clean mesh trainers

Breathable, lightweight and comfortable, but how easy are mesh trainers to clean? While looking great, mesh has a reputation for getting dirty easily – especially white pairs – as they often absorb whatever they come into contact with. Not to worry though, the team at Jason Markk have the perfect solution – literally.

You will need the Microfiber Towel, the Durable Brush, the Delicates Brush, a bowl of room temperature water, and the 8oz Premium Deep Cleaning Solution:

Step one

Start by removing any surface dirt by dry brushing the uppers with the soft bristle brush, and then move onto the sole unit using the Delicates Brush.

Step two

Now for some deep cleaning on the sole, grab your bowl of water and dip your Delicates Brush in – give it a shake to remove any excess water, then apply a few drops of solution and dip it once more. Start scrubbing the sole and ensure the solution is foaming up. When you’ve given it a good scrub, use the towel to wipe it down. Repeat this step for the midsoles.

Step three

Time for the uppers – top tip: use a Microfiber Towel to stuff the shoe to raise the surface and make it easier to clean – apply the solution to your Durable Brush and dip gently in water, if the brush is too wet the solution won’t activate so don’t forget to shake it off. Clean the upper in sections and wipe with a Microfiber Towel as you go, working into the foam to remove as much dirt as possible. Repeat this over the lace section.

How to clean canvas trainers

Canvas is tough, durable and easy to care for, however, it’s very absorbent and can get dirty pretty quickly. Although they won’t be ruined if washed in the washing machine, it’s best not to, and definitely don’t tumble dry them as heat can melt shoe adhesives. Cleaning your canvas shoes at home is really easy – especially if you do it the Jason Markk way!

You’ll need a Delicates Brush, a Durable Brush, the 7oz Ready to Use Foam, and a Microfiber Towel.

Step one

First, you need to dry brush the uppers with the Durable Brush to ensure you remove as much debris off the surface as possible, this will help avoid rubbing in the dirt further when deep cleaning later on.

Step two

Apply foam directly to your Delicates Brush and start on your midsoles – scrub thoroughly, repeat where necessary, and wipe clean with your towel. For the uppers, apply the foam directly to your Durable Brush and scrub in sections – the top tip here is to move quickly, wiping away with your Microfiber Towel after each section. Again, repeat where necessary.

Step three

Don’t forget the laces – apply more foam to your Durable Brush and scrub over the laces to give them a refresh, and just as before, wipe down with your towel. Make sure your shoes are fully air-dried before wearing.

Best way to clean trainers: top tips from Jason Markk

Now you’ve learnt how to clean your shoes using a range of Jason Markk products, it’s time for some handy top tips as told by the experts.

Tip one

Use the Repel Spray to protect your shoes straight out of the box and after a deep clean to keep them looking their best for longer.

Tip two

Always dry brush your trainers before using a protective spray to make sure they’re clean and get rid of any surface dirt you don’t want hanging around.

Tip three

When using the Repel Spray, make sure you do the following:

  1. Apply 6-8 inches away

  2. Don’t oversaturate by spraying too much

  3. Wipe down any areas of the shoe that aren’t an absorbent material e.g. the visible Air bubble on your Air Max 1

  4. Always allow shoes to air dry for 24 hours after application before wearing

Discover our range of Jason Markk cleaning products and handy kits to keep your trainers looking their best at size?

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