Delve into the latest Gio-Goi capsule

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Gio-Goi oozes subcultural heritage; born during Manchester’s iconic acid house scene, the label likes to keep this cultural heritage at the heart of its design process.

Founded by Christopher and Anthony Donnelly – two figureheads in the illegal rave scene – the importance of fashion had always been central to their ethos. So, when police pressure ramped up on the illegal raves, the pair decided to focus on clothing. From their early punk days to the terraces, the brothers had always liked to express themselves through clothing, and Gio-Goi was a perfect opportunity to make their mark.

Born in 1988, the brand got its name from two random words found in the Vietnamese dictionary, translating to ‘the call of the wind’. If you want a deeper look into their history, delve into this blog.

Last year, we introduced our exclusive Gio-Goi collection; full of streetwear staples and throwback acid house designs, it offered an array of wardrobe upgrades. Now, Gio-Goi is back again for a new season full of homages to clubbing. So, if you have missed clubbing over the past year, delve into this all-new Gio-Goi drop.

Throughout this capsule, you can pick from an array of fresh-looking tees to add to your rotation. Signature Gio-Goi branding will get you in the rave spirit, while multiple psychedelic graphics offer something unique for your wardrobe rotation. From minimal to loud, there is a tee for you.

While we may be submerged in a heatwave right now, you can prepare for more chilly months with a new range of graphic hoodies and an outdoorsy utility vest. What’s more, step up your headwear rotation with a classic branded cap. Clubbing has returned, so make sure you liven your dancefloor getups with this Gio-Goi drop.

This Gio-Goi collection lands on our site on Saturday 31st July – don’t miss it!

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