Introducing our exclusive Gio-Goi collection

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We’ve been spoiling you this year, during 2020 we have released a steady stream of size? Exclusives for you to indulge in. Well – if we must say so ourselves – we have some more incredible stuff to come, including an all-new Gio-Goi collection.

First surfacing in the Summer of Love, Gio-Goi is now celebrating over 30-years of authenticity. The brand is steeped in rich cultural history, having been born in the midst of a world-famous music scene in Manchester – acid house. It derived from the entrepreneurial spirit of two working-class lads from the area who were immersed in this scene. Christopher and Anthony Donnelly were riding the wave of this cultural phenomenon, eventually organising some of the most iconic illegal raves in the city.

As police pressure began to mount, they decided to use their business acumen for something legit – clothing. The pair had always shared a love for style; from their early punk days to the terraces, it felt like the natural transition for their business ventures.

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Gio-Goi was born in 1988, the brand was named after two random words found in the Vietnamese dictionary, translating to ‘the call of the wind’. You can find out more about the brand’s history here, with an interview with the brothers themselves.

The brothers originally had the idea to infuse acid house graphics onto the apparel, capturing the industrial aesthetics and striking colours of the time. The latest Gio-Goi x size? Exclusive collection follows this ethos, using a plethora of vibrant graphics to capture the energy of the late ‘80s and ‘90s clubbing scene, celebrating Gio-Goi’s rich story.

Think Factory Records, The Hacienda, New Order and The Happy Mondays – this latest collection is inspired by that era. On offer is an array of quality apparel, with acid house-inspired prints and original branding featuring throughout. The collection includes premium short and long sleeve tees which boast authentic images of The Hacienda to the classic rave smiley face; some fresh accessories, ranging from a toasty scarf to a branded cap and beanie; plus some classic hoodies with genuine graphics from the time.

Our exclusive Gio-Goi collection is available online and in selected size? stores now. It’s priced between £35-£80.

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