size? collections – Mella Dee – DJ & Producer

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If you’re not clued up, Mella Dee is an electronic music producer and international touring DJ. He runs his own record label Warehouse Music and we’re honoured to have him joining us for the 19th instalment to our size? sessions (20:20 Mix) series.

Earlier this week we caught up with Mella to get know him a little better; you can check that out here, and if you keep on scrolling you can take a look at his top-notch jewellery and art collection. Tuck in…

Gold Collection

“My wife has given me every piece of jewellery I own over the years so it all means a lot to me, and it’s a treasured collection as every piece has a memory attached to it.”

“The big keeper ring was the first ring I owned and it was pretty hard to get used to wearing something so big and weighty at the time but I love it. It was made and designed by a jeweller in Doncaster called Gary French who also made my wedding ring around 10 years later, which I absolutely love.”

“The smiley signet ring was designed and made by a sick London jewellery make called Johnny Hoxton – I’m keen to get some more pieces from Johnny.”

“The other signet ring has ‘Exactly Mate’ engraved into it as it’s a personal sentiment and something we say a lot.”

Art Collection

“I just generally love art, I like the idea of buying pieces constantly and changing the displays in areas that you spend a lot of time in; it adds interest for me. Painting is something I’ve also recently taken on myself for the first time in probably 16/17 years, and it’s been great to create in a totally different way other than writing music.”

“Kosy was a great friend of mine and an incredible artist who sadly passed away 4 years ago now. He did this piece for my wife and me when we first moved to London. It’s a shame I’ll never get the chance to speak him about the meaning behind this painting as it was never discussed. It will always be special to us.”

“I’ve been a fan of Mr Penfold for a long time, so we have a couple of his pieces.”

“Ashes 57 has been an important illustrator in underground music for some time now, working closely with labels such as Swamp 81, Hyperdub and the late DJ Rashad.”

“This print is by Laurie Vincent who is in the band the Slaves – I bought this one as a present for my wife as she loves bright, bold colours.”

“This was designed by my good friend Joel Burden who is a super-talented illustrator. He does all of the artwork and design for me and my label Warehouse Music. This was taken from a piece of tour art we did for my all night long European tour, and I loved the design so we had it printed and framed.”

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