Get to know Mella Dee ahead of his size? sessions (20:20 Mix)

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Ahead of number 19 in our (20:20 Mix) series, we thought we’d take the time to catch up with this week’s guest Mella Dee to find out a little more about the man himself, his musical influences, and of course his footwear preferences.

Mella Dee

Tell us about yourself; where you’re from, what you do and what’s your shoe size? 

“I’m a DJ & Producer, originally from Doncaster in South Yorkshire but I’ve been living in London for the past 7 years, and I’m a UK 9.” 

How did you get started in the music industry? 

“Just by playing records out and about around Doncaster at local shows and growing from there, venturing out to the cities close by such as Leeds and Sheffield, taking on a pirate radio show on Radio Frequency in Leeds and just getting into the music production side of things was the logical progression for me.”

How would you describe your music style? 

“Somewhere between house and techno is the easiest way of describing it, generally quite fast and minimal, the groove is what really is important for me, just keeping it moving.”

What has been your record of the year so far and what are you looking forward to hearing for the rest of the year? 

“One of the biggest tracks for me this year is probably ‘India Jordan – For You‘, absolute smasher all over the radio, beyond catchy and a proper pumper. India is from Doncaster as well so its amazing to see them getting the attention they should be. The new ANZ mixtape of all her own production work is also killer, so excited to hear more stuff from ANZ.” 

Mella Dee

Have you been making much music recently and can we expect some releases soon?

“I’d say I’ve got around 50 demos and tracks all together at the moment, I’ve just been heads down in the studio through most of the current situation, so I’ve taken advantage of the time to write lots. There’s a special remix EP coming on my label Warehouse Music, and then I’ve got a bigger EP project with another label and some other stuff I’m working towards which is all exciting.”

Has there been a particular event/party that has stood out for your career?

“It’s hard to pinpoint any one event as there’s so much stuff I’ve done that has been important for me, any time at Glastonbury stands out because it’s such. Favourite place, doing my own Warehouse Music events and the series of all-night shows that I’ve done were very important and getting to play DC10 as part of the Circoloco family is a personal favourite.”

And looking further ahead, who should we be looking out for in 2021?

Haider, he’s got a release coming on my label and he’s just dropped another EP on his own label Breaker Breaker. He’s one of my closest friends and was the best man at my wedding so I’m biased, but he makes incredible music and it’s an honour to release some of it.” 

On Friday 21st August you’re broadcasting an exclusive size? sessions (20:20 Mix) for us. What can we expect to hear? 

“Fast and pumping vibes all the way, I’m craving a big sound system and a sweaty dark club right now so I tried to channel that energy into it, there’s a few unreleased bits of mine alongside some of my favourite techno cuts in there.” 

Mella Dee

Outside of the music industry, where do you look for inspiration?  

“Everything inspires me, I try not to take too much inspiration from music these days so that I’m not trying to sound like anyone else. Art is a big one; generally, life and world events have a big effect on how I feel and what comes out. I tend to just start writing without a specific goal in mind, it’s more about how I’m feeling at that time.” 

What are your top 3 records of all time?  

“Tough question for me to answer, 

“‘Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works 85 – 92’ has to be in there, 

‘”Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures’ is another, and then ‘Goldie – Timeless’, 

“I’ll never tire of these three.” 

What are your top 3 trainers of all time?

Air Max 95 is the king for me, Air VaporMax Flyknit is a modern-day classic, and I’m also a big fan of Air Max 90s.”

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