Streetwear & size? Experts with size? Glasgow’s Jess

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We’ve already caught up with one of our size? Experts over in Glasgow, but we’re heading back over once more to find out a little bit more about Jess Smith, her streetwear preferences and the benefits of using size? Experts.

What’s your name and where are you from originally?

“I’m Jess and I’m originally from Edinburgh, but I have lived in Glasgow since 2013.” 

How long have you been working with us at size?

“I joined size? in January 2017.” 

How would you describe your style?

“I’ve always been an ‘Indie Cindy’, but since joining size?, I have developed a love for streetwear – both old and new!” 

Tell us about a few of your favourite shoes of all time?

“I’ve always loved a pair of Docs and anything chunky like Buffalos. I love adidas ZX, and I am looking forward to the size? collabs coming this year.”

Are there any shoes you’d like to see brought back in the future that hasn’t been reissued recently?

“Nike’s ‘Liberty’ print, I would love to see those patterns brought back on iconic styles like the Air Max 1.” 

What shoes are you wearing a lot at the moment? 

“Nike Footscapes are never off my feet at the moment – they’re so comfy! The Olivia Kim collab is my top pair right now. Also the Nike ACG Moc 3.0.”

What are some of your biggest influences – music, fashion, sport?

“The ’80s is probably my biggest influence in terms of my wardrobe and music taste. To sum it up – power suits, shoulder pads and Bowie.” 

Where do you look for inspiration?

“A lot of my inspiration comes from watching movies and music videos from the ’80s and ’90s.”

What sort of things do you like to get up to outside of work? Do you have any personal passions in life?

“I love charity shopping/vintage shopping and collecting ceramic animals.” 

What sort of products would you say your city’s really buying into at the moment?

“Air Jordans and Air Force 1s have been top sellers for us this year.” 

What products that we’re currently stocking at size? at the moment do you think people should be taking notice of?

“As it’s the 50th anniversary, definitely the adidas Originals Superstar.” 

Is there anything new or innovative that’s arrived that you think has the potential to be big this year?

“For the girls, I think the Converse Run Star Hike is underrated – It’s a good alternative to Converse Chuck 70s.”

What would you say some of the most worn styles are in Glasgow?

“We have a big following of adidas collectors that are huge fans of the city series and all size? Exclusives. Following that, Jordan’s are always in high demand.” 

Are there any particular brands or types of footwear you’d consider yourself more of an expert on? 

“I’m a big fan of vintage and retro styles, especially Nike running classics.” 

Having been one of our Experts from the start, do you think people found the service helpful?

“Definitely, it’s great to have another channel available to have a one to one customer service experience.”

Tell us about some of the great benefits of the service?

“Creating the phonebook with in-store customers allows us to keep in touch about new products, which in turn builds loyalty and a lasting relationship. Being a size? Expert also gives a personal touch to what is usually a generic automated system.” 

What does being a ‘size? Expert’ mean to you?

“I think it’s important to be able to provide customers with a positive experience from a different aspect.” 

Is there anything you’re planning to learn more about so you can help out customers that bit extra?

“Constantly building product knowledge and building relationships to stay ahead of the game from competitors.” 

What are some of the most commonly asked questions you tend to receive? 

“We usually get asked for information on launch products and certain footwear and how apparel pieces fit on.”

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