The perks of size? Experts with size? Glasgow’s Gavin Johnston

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Over the coming weeks, we’ll be catching up with our size? Experts across the UK and Europe to bring you an insight into their cities, streetwear influences and their vast knowledge of all things streetwear. They’ll also be explaining what it means to them to be a size? Expert, whilst delving into the benefits of using the all-new platform.

Next up we’re over in Glasgow to meet up with our size? Expert Gavin Johnston to talk about all things streetwear and the pros of using size? Experts.

What’s your name and where are you from originally?

“I’m Gavin and I’m from Bellshill, just outside Glasgow.”

How long have you been working with us at size?

“I joined size? in October 2018.”

How would you describe your style?

“Day-to-day I’m usually in basic essentials – always oversized – with a bold sneaker and sock combo.”

Tell us about a few of your favourite shoes of all time?

“My favourite pair that I own are the adidas Originals 420 Sambas; the velvet upper and attention to detail are great. A pair that I wasn’t lucky enough to get was the Stussy x Nike Spiridon Cage 2, I was so gutted to miss out on these. Other than that, my favourite silhouettes are definitely the AM90 & AM95. The Reebok Instapump Fury is also an all-time favourite.”

Are there any shoes you’d like to see brought back in the future that hasn’t been reissued recently?

“I always love to see classic Air Max colourways make a comeback.” 

What shoes are you wearing a lot at the moment? 

“Definitely the size? Exclusive AM95 ’20 for 20′ and the Spiridon Cage 2 in a few different colourways – the latest size? Exclusive colourway is brilliant.”

What are some of your biggest influences – music, fashion, sport?

“When it comes to music, I’ll pretty much listen to anything and everything, but my most frequently played artists tend to be: Bjork, Slowthai and Massive Attack.”

Where do you look for inspiration?

“The fashion and music from the ’90s have always been a big inspiration, and I take cues from then. Glasgow is also full of individuality and well-dressed people, so I also take inspiration from my city.” 

What sort of things do you like to get up to outside of work? Do you have any personal passions in life?

“I’m an avid record collector and can occasionally be found DJing in some local boozers when I’m not drinking in them with my pals that is.” 

What sort of products would you say your city’s really buying into at the moment?

“Air Jordan is hugely popular right now and Glasgow is a very on-trend city, so all launches definitely create a buzz.” 

What products that we’re currently stocking at size? at the moment do you think people should be taking notice of?

“I think people should be taking notice of the size? Exclusives that we have launched so far and are due to launch for the rest of 2020, in particular the adidas Originals Superstar, the Nike Spiridon Cage 2 and the Nike AM95.”

Is there anything new or innovative that’s arrived that you think has the potential to be big this year?

“I think the Air Max 2090 is massively underrated.” 

What would you say some of the most worn styles are in Glasgow?

“Classic Air Max styles, especially the Air Max 90 and adidas Originals terrace trainers.” 

Are there any particular brands or types of footwear you’d consider yourself more of an expert on? 

Carhartt WIP, Stussy, Nike and adidas are the top brands that I am most interested in.” 

Having been one of our Experts from the start, do you think people found the service helpful?

“Absolutely; It’s been good for customers to have the extra line of communication with staff in the stores.”

Tell us about some of the great benefits of the service?

“When we are connected to a local customer or a customer from Glasgow, it allows us to build a relationship with that person before they come in to store. Also, having our name and picture available as a size? Expert gives it the feel of a more personal service.” 

What does being a ‘size? Expert’ mean to you?

“It’s another way of personally being able to help customers and provide knowledgeable, one-on-one service, which is what I love about size?”

Is there anything you’re planning to learn more about so you can help out customers that bit extra?

“Keeping up to date with the latest products, and launch information not just within size?, is essential to provide the best service.” 

What are some of the most commonly asked questions you tend to receive? 

“Mostly, I am asked about how things fit or how they look on, and it’s useful being able to send a pic on foot. I’m also asked about the colours on certain products as sometimes pictures from online aren’t always clear.” 

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