Milo Harley talks Carnaby St and our latest Nike collaboration

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To celebrate the upcoming launch of our Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Cage 2 ‘Carnaby’, we’ve reached out to the area’s wider community to muse over their Carnaby Street memories. We’ve already spoken to Supreme-enthusiast Lance Walsh and size? Carnaby Streets Dannah Mendoza, and now we’re chewing the fat with Milo Harley.

Milo Harley is one of the main men behind Duke’s Cupboard – one of the best UK thrift stores for vintage sportswear. We guess you can say he knows a thing or two about streetwear, so we got his opinion on our latest collaboration.

What is your relationship with Carnaby Street?

“I’ve kind of grown up in and around Soho – I’ve been coming to the Carnaby area since I was a kid. And then for the last eight years, myself and my business partner, Ned, have worked in Soho selling vintage clothes and sportswear at Duke’s Cupboard.” 

What do you love most about Carnaby Street?

“I guess it’s the diversity of Carnaby Street I love the most – people from all over the world come here. It’s a pretty cool part of the city – it’s got the real essence of London about it, you know? I’ve got a lot of fun memories from around Carnaby.” 

How would you describe your personal style?

“I mainly wear vintage clothes. I like to keep it classic, though – I don’t wear too many mad colours. I’m a big fan of vintage Nike and other vintage sportswear.” 

What’s your favourite memory of size?

“I remember going to that size? shop years ago – like ten, fifteen, maybe even nearly twenty years ago. When I was a teenager I always used to go there and buy trainers… or maybe even younger than that actually! When I was about twelve or thirteen my mum used to take me shopping round here on a Saturday or whatever – I’d check size? every time.” 

How would you style the shoe?

“They’re quite a colourful shoe – I like the colourway on them. Personally, I’d probably just wear them with a nice pair of vintage denim jeans and a plain white tee. The shoes pop so much – you don’t really need to wear too much else with them.”

If you could time travel and visit any era of Carnaby Street, which would it be?

“I’d probably say the late eighties or early nineties. I think in the eighties actually it was going off around Carnaby – I think a few good parties were going on. It was before my time but I’ve heard people talking about old raves and dances in the area back in the day.” 

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