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Anima Sana In Corpore Sano, or “a sound mind, in a sound body” – that’s right, this episode of size? collections is all about ASICS. We head to Toulouse to meet our collector, Bisso Le Goff, founder of @asics_addict, and proud owner of over 200 pairs. We learn more about the ASICS enthusiast community and why wearing the collection is important to Bisso. Stay tuned, it’s a good one.

For Bisso, there was B.A. and A.A. – Before ASICS and After ASICS. Pre-2010, he only had eyes for basketball silhouettes, until he was introduced to the Gel-Lyte III. He recalls that the split tongue first caught his eye, an unusual yet stunning feature the model has maintained since the ‘90s. Opting for a white edition for his first pair of ASICS, Bisso confesses that he wore this pair to the ground. Fast forward 5 years to 2015, and this is where the Instagram account was born – when asked why he created it, Bisso simply stated he “wanted a page to dedicate to one of his favourite brands”.

The social page was first started due to a lack of space for fans to come together and share their passion for the brand. Now with over 126k followers, the community is a diverse group of fans across the globe spanning from teenagers to those in their 40s, all with a common interest. Bisso finds the people the best of the passion, he’s met fellow fans on his travels across the world thanks to social media, stating that “sneakers are a gateway to meeting people” – we couldn’t agree more. Social media has also become integral to his collecting, with a few of his favourite models coming from stores reaching out or followers pointing him in the right direction.

The connection between music and fashion has been an ever-present bond for generations. When DJing across Europe and Canada for 20 years with his collective, Bisso found trainers an important part of the self he took on stage, making him feel complete. As an enthusiast, he sees part of the joy in wearing his collection, although “having a big collection helps preserve them, as I can’t wear them all”, he admits. With a thriving sneaker community in Toulouse, Bisso likes how many feel the same about wearing their collections and taking their passion out of the box and onto the street.

We know Le Goff loves the Gel-Lyte III, but we figured a man with so many pairs must have a top 5 – and we were right. Here’s what he said:

  1. In at number 1 is the ASICS x Hanon Gel-Lyte III, this one “carries a lot of sentimental value” for Bisso, after missing out on the original launch in 2011, he waited around 10 years before he finally secured a pair.

  2. Next, 2013’s ASICS x Ronnie Fieg Gel-Lyte V ‘Volcano’, this all-red silhouette was a must-have at the time – and still to this day. Bisso recalls “camping outside the store for 3 days, before securing his pair of the 6 that the store had available”. Now that’s dedication to the cause.

  3. Number 3 is another Gel-Lyte III, this time the Woei ‘Cervidae’ collab from 2012. The Rotterdam-based label added outdoorsy touches, which went down very well with fans, unfortunately, Bisso couldn’t get his hands on a pair at the time, but again, thanks to social – a store in Lyon made it happen years later.

  4. Now for one Bisso describes as a “piece of art”, German-born Afew’s take on the Gel-Lyte III – the ‘Red Koi’ from 2015. Extra effort was taken for this pair to acquire a special edition box, and with the exceptional craftsmanship of this pair, who can blame him?

  5. Finally, we have another one from 2015, the ASICS x Overkill Gel Sight ‘Desert Rose’, inspired by shades indigenous to the Sahara Desert. Drawn to the vibrant colours, unique distribution and striking prints, Bisso had to include this pair in his top 5.

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