A Brief History: Italian-Inspired Sportswear

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The Italians do a great number of things well. Just off the top of our head, a couple of obvious categories stand out – sport and food being the big ones. But it’s their endless domination and sway in the fashion world which is what really piques our fixation. More closely, how that dominance and sway showcases itself throughout the vast topography of streetwear past and present.

Sergio Tacchini

This is a name that’s forever cemented in the worlds of tennis, fashion, and really just Italian culture on the whole. Sergio Tacchini – belter of a name mind you – won the title of Italian Champion over Nicola Pietrangeli back in 1960, and launched his eponymous clothing line in 1966. With a name like that, it would’ve probably been a crime if he hadn’t.

Sergio Tacchini Track Top

Sergio Tacchini Monte Track Top

The initial goal was to curate elegant tennis wear that defied the bland and colourless conventions that governed the tennis world at the time. He definitely achieved that goal, with a plentiful dose of then some on top. Naturally, it got adopted by terrace casuals in the ‘80s, ‘90s, and 00’s, as a more premium alternative to the other brands that were rampant at the time.

Sergio Tacchini Track Pants

Sergio Tacchini Sponda Long Sleeve Polo

PUMA Palermo

A bit of an outlier here in the PUMA Palermo – but still Italian inspired, nonetheless. The Palermo is one of PUMA’s OG city silhouettes, a series which saw multiple cities get a call-up. Due to its low-profile nature, the Palermo was quickly adopted as a terrace stand mainstay in European footballing culture, with the British particularly fond admirers.

Puma Palermo 'Hairy'

PUMA Palermo 'Grape Mist' and 'Peach Fuzz'

PUMA Palermo 'Ultra Blue' and 'Yellow Burst'


Diadora time. Having refused to let go of the Made in Italy badge of honour when other brands were shifting manufacturing centres out into the Far East, Diadora adamantly did not follow suit. This earned them gargantuan respect, especially from the more die-hard sneaker enthusiasts who already adored them. Nowadays, they’re still business as usual in the sports realm, and offer up timeless silhouettes with mindful updates in regard to materials and colourways.

Diadora Titan

Diadora Titan

All in all, the Mediterranean country has been known for its expert craftsmanship for generations, and has been lauded for its production of genuine leather goods – which has been passed on through the bloodlines – since as far back as the 1500s.

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