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It’s all about the 3-Stripes for the most recent episode of size? collections, where we catch up with Scott Ptolomey – Mancunian adidas Originals collector and historian – whose collection has amassed around 400 pairs of vintage, limited edition, and reissued models. When it comes to all things concerning adidas, Scott’s the ultimate aficionado. Let’s get into it.

Scott’s affinity for the German brand has seen him involved in a newsletter called The Dassler, and other online adidas and trainer-based forums in which he’s been an active instigator in the community for decades. Out of this natural appeal that Scott holds for the brand, along the way he’s managed to build up a global network of like-minded individuals, where he’s made lots of friends within the community. See it with your own eyes people: this is what it looks like to have adidas coursing through your veins.

adidas Originals Display

Of course, you can’t mention adidas without talking about football. The first silhouette in Scott’s collection is the adidas Originals Kick – a pair he originally saw on the feet of a guy who lived on the same street as him. ‘There was just somethin’ about them 3-Stripes,’ Scott says, ‘that Trefoil logo… I gravitated towards them.’ Even though his Mum first refused to buy him a pair, he saved up his errand money and eventually got them for himself.

adidas Originals Kick

Scott goes on to tell us how the Kick was the starting platform for any kid in the 1980s – due to its ten to twelve pound price point. His pair is in superb unworn condition, a French-made model from 1979. Designed for the winter, the Kick is also an indoor-outdoor trainer, with this specific model opting for a synthetic leather upper – with Scott particularly fond of its overall simplicity.

adidas Originals Gazelle

Music and Manchester go hand-in-hand, both of which are inextricably tied to the next silhouette: the Gazelle. Pinpointed to the breakdancing era in the ‘80s, and then the acid house era in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, and then definitely not forgetting what came after that with a band called Oasis, which, as well as being the name for massive Britpop band, was also the name for a shop below Market Street where Scott used to buy German imported adidas models.

adidas Originals Dublin

‘I’ve got all the original Dublin… apart from the West Germany one, which will be on the way shortly,’ Scott teases, as he introduces us to his Dublin collection. The first two being ’79 Romanian models, which are essentially identical, with the only real difference being that of a differently shaded gum sole.

adidas Adi Dassler Shoebox

adidas Originals Brussel

The Bali is one of the original French-made Island Series models in Scott’s collection, a pair he’s incredibly proud to own, and one that adidas asked to borrow off of him so that they could create the most recent reissues. Madness. These were made in France between ‘77 and ‘81, with the first version below opting for an aqua green and marine colourway.

adidas Originals Bali Island Series

Lastly, Scott rounds-up his collection with both of the Tahiti’s from the Island Series which were originally made in France. The idea behind these: a dressed-down occasion shoe as opposed to an indoor sports shoe. Sharing the same style silhouette as the adidas Tobacco, this is a pair Scott fell instantly in love with due to its tonal ocean blue hues, and the fact that they screamed vintage. ‘One of the best ever made in my opinion,’ Scott states.

adidas Originals Tahiti

The Tahiti Marine iteration was one of the harder ones for Scott to get his hands on, with the pursuit of it taking him 12 years, making his combined Tahiti hunt time for both pairs a staggering 20 years. The dark counterpart to the other Tahiti, these were only available on the American market. Not in the best of nick when he first found them, they have since been restored back to life through the help of his contacts. That’s dedication and a half. 

Scott Ptolomey

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