The Miracle of Bern | adidas Originals Bern GORE-TEX | out now

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Inspired by the ’54 World Cup Final between Germany and Hungary – otherwise known as The Miracle of Bern – the eponymous adidas Originals Bern GORE-TEX is an ode to a particular slice of 20th century footballing history, and arrives in premium waxed ‘Dark Brown’ leather uppers.

You’ve probably seen a fair bit of GORE-TEX on display out there in the world by now, but the waterproof lining on this one actually serves a dual-purpose. A – it provides elemental-defying features that’s well in tune with the seasons and B – it’s reflective of the weather that was prominent in the match that occurred all those years ago. A meticulous touch from the German powerhouse, for sure.

Get your hands on the adidas Originals Bern GORE-TEX now at size?

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