Ramsey Monks for your spring uniform | Dr. Martens

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If someone says, “Dr. Martens” to you, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps it’s British heritage, subcultural movements, or music gigs and edgy styles. Whatever it might be, something we can all agree on here is that this brand holds serious significance. From the yellow stitching and Goodyear soles to the constant reinvention – Dr. Martens has a special place in our hearts.

Docs not only stand the test of time, they’re also relevant season after season. A few months ago, we walked you through some brazen boots for your winter uniform, and now, we’re all about your spring formal. For an alternative to your favourite boots, read on.

A couple wearing the Ramsey Monk Creeper

A girl's legs wearing a leopard print skirt, black lace socks and Savannah Tan Ramsey Monk Dr. Martens.

The Ramsey Monk Creeper is a descendant of the ‘Brothel Creeper’, originally a military shoe, the style was adopted by Teddyboys in the early 1950s. Through the ‘50s and ‘60s, this new shoe became the uniform of other subcultures – think rockabillies and bikers – who each put their spin on silhouette. As the ‘60s came and went, so did the creeper. It wasn’t until the birth of the punk scene in the ‘70s from forebearers Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren, that the creeper made its resurgence.

Tartan trousers with Dr. Martens

Tailored trousers with pink Dr. Martens creepers.

Dr. Martens has been known for making shoes with a little attitude, it’s in its DNA. Similarly to the Brothel Creeper, Docs started in the military field, later to be picked up in the ‘60s by the British working class and leaking into the skinhead subculture, becoming prolific with the help of The Who’s Pete Townshend. Meeting again, but this time on Kings Road, Dr. Martens intertwined with the punk scene perfectly – just like the creeper.

A woman adjusting a man's trousers, both are wearing Dr. Martens Ramsey Monk Creepers.

Dr. Martens Ramsey Monk Creeper styled with a leopard print skirt and pink shag jacket.

Given both backstories, it was only a matter of time before Dr. Martens released its own version of the creeper. Fast forward 50 years, and we got the Ramsey Monk. Still bold, still iconic, and still stamping out the competition.

How to style the Dr. Martens Ramsey Monk Creeper with a skirt and cardigan.

How to style the green Ramsey Monk Creeper with tartan trousers.

Drawing on subcultural heritage, Dr. Martens release the Ramsey Monk in all-new colourways of ‘Savannah Tan’, ‘Black’, ‘Lime Green’, and ‘Fondant Pink’ – perfect for the spring season. Dressed in premium suede, the uppers boast classic creeper woven detailing and a kiltie, whose soft fringe peaks out below the side buckle closure. It’s business as usual underfoot with the Goodyear-welted ‘bouncing sole’ units and signature yellow stitching. 

Dr. Martens' Ramsey Monk Creepers in Savannah Tan, Lime Green, Black and Fondant Pink.

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