Brazen boots for your winter uniform | Dr. Martens

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It’s time to talk about something important. Like the last time you bought yourself a pair of Dr. Martens kind of important. Likely a little while ago – right – because DM’s are famous for their winter-worn resilient craftsmanship, which constructs them in a way so that you don’t have to buy a new pair every other winter. Makes sense. But with the brand’s consistently punchy line-ups, it’s a little hard not to get wandering eyes as to what might make a good backup pair.

Dr. Martens 8053

Dr. Martens isn’t just solely celebrated for its craftsmanship, though. That yellow welted stitching is one of the most iconic and identifiable fashion symbols out there in the modern world and is a stark representation of its deep-dug sub-cultural roots that have blossomed into every generation since its inception in the ‘60s. 

Adding to that aforementioned recognisability is the brash 8053, our prime pick for the season. The embodiment of everything that Dr. Martens preaches wrapped up in tidy-napped lavender suede. Charming.

Dr. Martens Church Boot

Dr. Martens Church Boot

Rustic Dr. Martens look now with its bluesy Church Boot that arrives with a nubuck shoulder and block-pebbled leather uppers – a mainstay for the cold climate. Distinctive in its silhouette while still managing to bring something different every time it comes back to the table.

Dr. Martens 939 Suede Boot

Another classic here, which isn’t saying much when it comes to the fashion symbol with listless credentials to its treasured name. The 939 Suede Boot came off the production line in the ‘60s, and even back then it rolled out in bold-coloured numbers. A 6-eyed boot with a textured suede upper, spiced-up with gold trims for an extra dose of elegance – your winter uniform done right.

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