Get to know Tired Skateboards

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‘‘This is for the guys breathing heavily after one ollie. For the people that are sore for three days after skating for one hour. For the guys that are the same age as the security guard kicking you out of the spot. And to all skateboarding enthusiasts who will never have a career in skateboarding but love it like nothing else…’’

– Tired Skateboards

Tired Skateboards Hoodie

Renowned for its direct ties to the enigmatic Dutch artist Piet Janssen – the creative force behind Parra – Tired Skateboards tailor to the veterans of the sport, and resonate with those who can relate to the laid-back state of mind as opposed to something more physically exclusive and lore-heavy.

Tired Skateboards Cat T-Shirt

But there’s more going on in Tired Skateboard’s intentionally simple yet quirky graphics than what first meets the eye – much more. The designs themselves all have a way of finding meaning through the mondain; told via the power of abstract artwork, loud colour-blocking, and subtle, sometimes-ironic sometimes-comedic messaging.

Tired Skateboards Moto Field Jacket

Tired Skateboards Moto Field Jacket

It’s all about the relatability with these guys, though. Founded by Piet Janssen and Brad Staba, both of the eccentric-skater-turned-businessman variety, Tired Skateboards sets out to challenge the modern idea of skate team standards, and to remind us that true meaning is found in the raw passion and fun of it all – which reinforces its visionary state of mind appeal that can be applied materially as well as philosophically.

Tired Skateboards Graphic

The future is shaping up bright albeit achy for Tired Skateboards – who know what they’re doing when it comes to curating cultures that stick by finding beauty in the everydayness – something that all generations can get on board with.

Tired Skateboards Old Mobil Skateboard Deck

Tired Skateboards Spinal Tap Deck

Tired? Time for a coffee, then, and the label’s new collection.

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