How to Clean Your Crocs

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It’s widely known that Crocs produce some of the comfiest footwear in the entire footwear realm. Classic styles like the Classic Clog have cemented the label’s position as the go-to supplier of foamy silhouettes, which prove just as effective on city pavements as in laid-back indoor settings, sandy beaches, poolside locations…the list goes on.

Sometimes opinion-dividing – always head-turning – there is no surprise as to why Crocs have risen to superiority across a multitude of platforms. Renowned for its super-comfy Croslite build, breathable vents and foot-securing ankle strap – there is nothing quite like a pair of Crocs. With the brand delivering silhouettes for all seasons and environments, keeping your clogs in top-tier condition is easier than you think. We’ve carefully devised a How to Clean Your Crocs guide to rescuing and restoring your clogs. Let’s get into it. 

How to clean Crocs

Hand washing your clogs is a breeze – once they’re in the sink, simply rinse off any loose debris, then wash or dab them with a damp cloth using mild soap and cold water. It’s that easy. Once you’ve washed your go-to pair, leave them to air dry naturally. Remember to keep your Crocs out of direct sunlight and away from a heater as extreme heat can cause them to warp or shrink.

Crocs Echo Clog

Can Crocs go in the washing machine?

Yes, Classic Clogs, slides and other models crafted from the label’s signature Croslite foam can be put on a delicate, cold cycle in your washing machine along with gentle laundry detergent. 

Crocs Classic Clog

How to wash fluffy/fur-lined Crocs

With fur-lined and fuzzy Crocs, linings are not removable so the easiest way to wash these styles is to gently clean with warm water and mild soap to remove any stains or debris. Allow them to air dry completely.    

Crocs Dylan Clog

How often should Crocs be washed?

Spot-cleaning the upper and soles of your Crocs every season should keep dirt and mystery marks at bay – making the build-up less permanent over time.

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Crocs Classic Clog

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