Reebok Club C ‘size?made’ Brighton – ?exclusive | launches 06.10.2023

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Our ‘size?made’ collaboration with Reebok honours our roots by diving into the local size? community at our stores. First in line is our, Brighton store, which has crafted a Club C to reflect the old and new essence of the city, with details nodding to a typical summer day out along the pier. From designing the shoe to creative direction, photography, and videography, our size?experts at size?brighton have done it all.

A mixture of walking on the beach and trying to avoid the notorious seagulls is captured in a mix of materials with chalky leather, exposed foam and canvas-worn uppers showcasing the beauty in mismatched areas of the city. Rope laces and terry cloth extending around the shoe add textural variety too while sandy hues coat the shoe’s entirety harking to Brighton’s pebble beach. Nods to the BA1 postcode and a seagull illustration on the heels and tongues deliver the final sign-off.

The Reebok Club C ‘size?made’ Brighton launches on the 06.10.2023.

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