A Spotlight On: Hoodies

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Holding the same precedence as the graphic tee, the staple hoodie is a formula that needs little changing. This item has been adopted for the trackside, eased its way into the comfort of your home, while it has cut its teeth on catwalks and within subcultural styles. All these characteristics paint the picture clearly – the hoodie is all about versatility.

The hoodie actually has roots back to the ‘30s, used as side-line apparel across sports teams in the US, while its function found its way into military academies and more general collegiate lifestyle over the following decades. Like many functional pieces, it was eventually adopted by streetwear styles and music scenes; most notably Hip Hop, street artists and every aspiring person trying to emulate that Rocky scene.

Nowadays, the hoodie has long outrun the Tony Blaire ‘Tough Love’ campaigns that got hoodies banned in shopping centres, vilifying working-class youth. The item has transcended this, standing as an accessible bit of clothing that has been seen on the catwalks, been produced by high-end brands, and it has been the route for many streetwear label’s path to success – often with a simple printed logo slapped on the chest. Anyway, we stock plenty on our site here at size?, and here are some of our favourites…

Homegrown Asher Hoodie

Grow wild with the Homegrown Asher Hoodie, a loud layering item with the classic hooded silhouette and a bright Homegrown print is sprawled across the sleeves and chest.  Adjustable hoods and kangaroo pockets keep things classic.

Carhartt WIP Antleaf Hoodie

Carhartt WIP is a name that assures you that you are getting both heritage and premium materials. This Carhartt WIP Antleaf Hoodie comes with a fun-filled, detailed print to the chest, while the colourway makes things super versatile.

Homegrown Marco Hoodie

For the plushest comfort – and psychedelic slugs – Homegrown might just be the leader in this area. Add this Homegrown Marco Hoodie to your arsenals this season and enjoy this twist on an all-time classic.

Nike NRG Premium Essentials Hoodie

Keep it clean and simple with the Nike NRG Premium Essentials Hoodie. This grey-hued classic gets the Swoosh treatment to the chest, while it has dangling adjustable strings that loop through the hood.

PLEASURES Rhythm Hoodie

You can trust PLEASURES to provide the loudest styles, especially on this Rhythm Hoodie. Featuring a ‘Cowboys On Acid’ print to the front, this piece comes with brash colours and a snug cotton-poly blend. Go on, make a statement this season.

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