A Spotlight On: Graphic T-Shirts

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The Graphic T-Shirt. A statement on your back or chest; the centre piece of a Russian doll-like layering system; a way to pay homage to your idols; a chance to stick a middle finger up in protest; or just a way to share a design that you adore.

We are sure you’ve had a selection in your time. Was it a Choose Life or Vote For Pedro piece? Or did you get asked to name five songs in your Unknown Pleasures T-shirt and stumble at two? And did you get a matching beret for your Che Guevara tee bought from your local high street?

The graphic tee has done the rounds in streetwear rotations throughout the decades, with names like Brando and Dean bringing the rolled-up tee into popular culture. Down the line, some genius decided to start printing designs on these, mass produced in Miami, Florida during the ’50s. From Presidential campaigns to Vietnam protests and band tees, the graphic tee has always been a medium to make a statement or celebrate art.

This style of T-Shirt also fell into the hands of some of the gatekeepers of streetwear. An indefinite mainstay in wardrobes universally, brands like Carhartt WIP, HUF, PLEASURES, ICECREAM and Nike have produced some of the all-time classics. Luckily for you, we stock all of these labels – and more – for your pickings. Here are some of our favourites on site currently.

Carhartt WIP Bubble Script T-Shirt

Kickstarting the list is an all-new graphic tee from the workwear-streetwear fusion known as Carhartt WIP. The Bubble Script T-Shirt takes graffiti-inspired artwork and reworks the branding which is then placed centrally on the chest. Something different from the iconic square logo.

Carhartt WIP Blush T-Shirt

More Carhartt WIP – they are one of the best. The Blush T-Shirt features a classic cherry print on the chest, subtly representing the Carhartt WIP branding. Sat on a crisp backdrop, sometimes less is more on graphic tees.

Columbia Cavalry T-Shirt

Call the cavalry, Columbia have another striking tee out. The Columbia Cavalry T-Shirt opts for a graphic on the reverse, offering a super detailed outdoorsy print with text surrounding it. With a subtle logo to the front too, this comfy cotton t-shirt is half minimal.

New Balance Biology T-Shirt – ?exclusive

The New Balance Biology T-Shirt – ?exclusive provides an enlarged skeleton graphic to the reverse, representing its title in full force. Reworked branding also sits on the front of this loose fitting cotton piece.

Columbia Bigfoot Relaxed T-Shirt – ?exclusive

The Columbia Bigfoot Relaxed T-Shirt – ?exclusive is inspired by the outdoors and the mysteries that dwell within. Classic branding gets merged with a fun-filled Bigfoot print to the chest – we love this one.

Carhartt WIP Snek T-Shirt

Easy, fun layering with the Carhartt WIP Snek T-Shirt. This soft cotton, short-sleeved release is the perfect spring and summer item, offering up a graphic to the chest and classic branding.

Shop our selection of Graphic T-Shirts today – and why not check out A Spotlight On: Jeans and A Spotlight On: Waterproof Jackets while you are at it.

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