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About as authentic as they come, KAVU is not only an outdoor brand by nature, but by origins as well. It all started with a piece of clothing that you rarely reach for unless you are heading outside – the humble cap. It was the late ’80s, and Barry Barr – the brains behind KAVU – was looking for a cap that would stay in its place against high winds at sea, after losing one too many during his time as a fishing captain in Alaska. This led him to attach a sturdy webbing to the circumference of his cap, that would keep it from flying off even in more treacherous weathers; thus, after a bit of trial and error, the Strapcap was born.

KAVU Synthetic Strapcap

Fast forward a couple of years, and KAVU (standing for Klear Above Visibility Unlimited) is established in Seattle in ’93, with the Strapcap being the brand’s solo product at the time. From the humblest of beginnings, the product was sold by Barry from his car before a slow expansion of products over the following years – all founded around that original ethos of functionality.

KAVU Klear Above Etch T-Shirt

Teaming outdoor influences with a light-hearted, unpretentious aesthetic, KAVU products have never truly fit into one technical category; that’s all part of the appeal. Yes, it’s an outdoor-centred brand, but what exactly you’re up to in the outdoors is non-specific. Worn on city streets, skateparks, forest trails and festival settings; KAVU is a brand without limitations.

KAVU Teannaway Fleece

Today, the label produces everything from everyday attire for your wearing pleasure, to functional accessories that will make your next outdoor escapade just that bit better. From the plush materials of the KAVU Spellout Hoodie and Klear Above Etch T-Shirt, to the vibrant patterns of the label’s Teannaway Fleece, and the novelty touches of the Rope Bag and Beer Buddy, we’ve got plenty of KAVU on site to have you well-equipped and ready to head out on another adventure – whatever that might be.

Find loads more from KAVU on site here.

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