A Spotlight On: Shirts

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Use it as a layer or the crowning item; make a statement or revel in effortless minimalism. Go fitted and buttoned up for that smart, elegant look; or go baggy to channel your inner ‘90s slacker. Essentially, there is a lot you can do with a shirt. It’s an item that has literally done the centuries, while it has blurred the lines between smart and casual, suited to any environment that takes your fancy. 

When you think of the shirt, there’s some icons that spring to mind. The crisp white Oxford shirt that normally only survives the summer as it inevitably gets drenched in red wine. Then there’s the autumnal flannel, worn by Welsh textile workers in the seventeenth century, De Niro in The Deer Hunter (1978), and your favourite ‘90s Seattle grunge bands – quite the lineage, right? We are sure that you can guess what comes next – here’s some clues though: Pacino in Scarface (1983), Cage in Raising Arizona (1987), Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994). You guessed it, the Hawaiian shirt. 

One of the most beloved wardrobe staples out there, the humble shirt comes in all shapes and sizes, with every colourway and pattern for your pickings. Whether you want to size up for that signature baggy look, or you want something more streamline and fitted, we have handpicked some of our favourites on site now…

Fred Perry Nylon Overshirt

Let’s start the list with this exquisite Fred Perry Nylon Overshirt. Both formal and casual, this lightweight bit of layering is ideal for spring and summer months, offering undeniable style and techy double zips. Signed off with the subcultural badge of honour – the Laurel Wreath.

Carhartt WIP Madison Cord Long Sleeve Shirt

Add some classic corduroy to your wardrobes, the Carhartt WIP Madison Cord Long Sleeve Shirt would be a great choice. This super comfy item looks great buttoned up or paired with a tee, featuring that all-time classic ‘C’ logo to the chest.

Carhartt WIP Valmon Shirt

Classic flannel from the Carhartt WIP Valmon Shirt. This relax fit item features a plethora of versatile colour, fitted with sturdy buttons, square logo branding and doubled-up pockets to the chest.

Dickies Beavertown Short Sleeve Denim Shirt

The Dickies Beavertown Short Sleeve Denim Shirt is a summer staple, adorned with fun-filled graphics and put together with the finest fabric. Part of the brand’s New Wave collection, this is a classic with a twist.

Fred Perry Woven Pique Shirt

The classy Fred Perry Woven Pique Shirt offers something minimal and exquisitely put together for your spring/summer rotation. Featuring lightweight fabric, doubled-up pockets and Laurel Wreath labelling, Fred Perry really knows how to design a shirt.

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