size? are sponsoring Manchester’s Newground United

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Continuing on our mission of helping give women’s football the exposure it deserves, we’re this time providing a platform for grassroots football and are proudly sponsoring Newground United. Established in 2021, Newground United is a Manchester-based womxn’s football team with an ethos of being inclusive, inspiring, and fun! Hailing from all corners of the globe, the squad is made up of players from the USA, Australia, Spain, Italy, Russia, and England, who come together to play in the AF league.

With a belief in football being for everyone, the Alternative Football League aims to make football accessible to women, non-binary, and transgender individuals across Manchester. Founded by Helen Hardy (@helenfootball), the AF League offers a welcoming and safe environment for divisions and anyone who has a love for the game and wants to lace up and play. With a community spirit, the league wants people to come together, gain skills, get fit and make friends along the way all in an inclusive space.

There’s been a huge rise in grassroots sports clubs over the past few years, with sports teams forming up and down the country playing on home soil and this is especially evident in football. It’s so important to provide womxn’s teams with a platform as they’re much more than just about playing sports, they play a vital role in inclusivity and bringing the local community together.

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