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Tim is an architect and photographer who has had a passion for collecting football shirts since he was a teenager – and we are sure you can guess, he has quite a collection. His passion dates back to travelling around Europe with his family and trying to find the local football team’s shirts from the area, acting as his first thrilling moment of chasing rarities. This wasn’t just about the shirt either, he’d be able to find out all about different elements of culture too.

He supports Aston Villa – his favourite shirt is the Hummel-designed Villa shirt from 1987. This one represents the Mexico template, one that he has collected numerous colours of, and what a shirt it is. There are some more special ones too, including the unused long-sleeved shirt that Gareth Southgate would have worn in the 1996 League Cup Final.

The collection doesn’t end at Villa though, he’s got some other absolute gems, one of them being the latest adidas Japan home shirt with the famous 3-Stripes and a striking origami pattern throughout the shirt. Additionally, he’s bagged the Croatia Nike shirt too, and a unique Croatian prototype from 2010, made for potential colour clashes on the pitch.

The Schmeichel-worn Denmark shirt from 1992 is one of his most eye-catching patterned releases, equipped with elbow pads to cushion those heavy landings. Speaking of heavy landings, the Netherlands shirt that Van Persie scored his flying header against world champions Spain.

The 1992 England third shirt holds a proud place in his collection too, showcasing a Three Lions print for the ultimate throwback to that iconic tournament. An official Modric-issued Croatia shirt showcases an opposition to England too, showcasing flags from both sides to commemorate the Nations League game.

From Venezia jerseys to a glut of rare Villa releases, Tim’s passion is as strong as ever, and he’s got his eye on plenty more. It comes with regrets though; he sold the 1985 Villa away shirt, selling it because it was too big for him. Oh well, he has plenty of rarities to behold, and judging by this collection, he’ll find it again eventually!

Check out Tim Cornbill’s Instagram and browse through our blog for more collections!

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