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We cover a wide range of collectors, and while many like to collect a mixture of rarities, some like to focus on one style to specialise in. Take Cheshire Creps for a prime example; started during lockdown, Adam has built up a vast collection of his all-time favourite sneaker – the Air Max 95.

Now, the Air Max 95 is a sneaker that is synonymous with size? and collecting culture around the globe. One of Nike’s finest creations, this Sergio Lozano-designed sneaker is inspired by human anatomy, while all-length visible Air units feature along the sole. The final design had muscle fibre and flesh-inspired layered uppers, nylon eyelets that were fashioned after the ribcage, and the midsole nods to the spine.

It’s no surprise that this sneaker is constantly on the radar of Nike collectors, there really is nothing quite like it. Overall, Adam has been collecting for about 7 years in total, and owns around 90-100 in his personal collection. Cheshire Creps was an opportunity to turn his passion for collecting into a business opportunity in lockdown, supplying Air Max 95 collectors with classics, mainly from 2010 onwards.

His favourite pair is the Air Max 95 ‘Apple Blue’ – JD Exclusive, while the rarest in his collection has to be the Air Max 95 ‘Blend’ (2006), with only 95 in circulation. There’s the weird and wonderful in this collection too, the high-rising Air Max 95 Zen Venti Boots for example, showing there really isn’t a limit to this sneaker. This collection seemingly has no limits too, it’s ever-growing, proving Cheshire Creps is here to stay.

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