Legends meet for the Vans x Our Legends (Mongoose) collection

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A homage to the BMX scene, the Vans x Our Legends (Mongoose) collection is teeming with design cues and references which come straight from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s. The three-piece shoe offering is a love letter to these eras, bringing to life the bikes, colours and stickers which characterised this early period of BMX and skateboarding.

Our Legends were tasked with helping dream up the shoes, and rose to the occasion with this capsule. The obvious choice for the silhouette was a Vans classic; the Authentic 44 DX. The very first shoe ever produced by Vans, it’s a landmark model in its own right, and took the world by storm when it was released way back in 1966. It now plays host to three vibrant makeups, which honour the influence and legacy of both Vans and Mongoose, and the vast impact the brands have had on skate and biking culture.

Mongoose is a brand synonymous with BMX. Started by Skip Hess, it was the first brand to introduce the Motomag Wheel, which took the biking world by storm in the ‘70s. Much like Vans, Mongoose are innovators in their field, and each shoe in the collection reflects a decade in the brand’s story.

The darker shoe represents the ‘70s, when Mongoose first made its mark on the scene. Made to look like bike stickers from the time, it’s coated in jet black hues up top, and has a red, orange and yellow midsole with Mongoose branding repeated round the edge.

The ‘80s is represented with a blue, red and white chequerboard upper, which reflects the colours used for the Mongoose BMX team kit. It also includes the Mongoose mascot on the midsole. The vibrant colours of the ‘90s inspired the third shoe in the collection, which is covered with a turquoise, pink and white checked upper, again with Mongoose branded midsoles which harken back to the period.

Shop the Vans x Our Legends (Mongoose) Authentic 44 DX here.

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