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We’ve got something very special for you here with the latest episode of size?collections – here’s Ernie Beckmann’s anthology of adi silhouettes and more. This outstanding collection chronicles the important connection between sneaker culture and basketball, offering a time portal back to when these gems first hit the courts.

Started playing basketball in ’87-’88 – started off with Converse then transitioned into adidas basketball shoes after seeing adidas Conductors in b-ball mags – practically on every single star. He’s managed to get his hands on all the colourways of these shoes from 1986 and this silhouette means so much to him as it was the one that made him fall in love with sneaker culture.

Ernie mainly collects vintage OGs from this era and the early ‘90s, and he is collecting all the shoes that he couldn’t buy back in those days. He owns 300-400 shoes – maybe more, all OGs and retros. The adidas Attitude and Rivalry join the collection too, owning the majority of colourways and different heights. The rarest shoe that he owns? An adidas Rivalry High that was made specifically for Ernie in 2019, sporting a classic colourway and his own Instagram name! For a dash of culture, he’s also got one of the OG adidas x Run DMC silhouettes.

Ernie is also a writer too, another way for him to express his love for sneaker culture. Over the years, he’s written about sneakers across a variety of articles and books, including the lauded The adidas Archive.

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