Atlas Easton has re-designed our storefront for Brighton Pride 2022

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Pride 2022 is well and truly underway, and to get in the spirit, we are celebrating the LGBTQ+ community with an all-new installation on our size?Brighton store, in collaboration with Versus. After last year’s amazing size? Manchester artwork from the brilliant Manchester Tom – chronicling the queer history of Manchester – we have ventured down to the south coast to showcase Atlas Easton’s ‘Let Disabled Queers Play’ placard.

It’s a privilege to have this amazing artwork on our size?Brighton store, representing the importance of ‘Sports For All’. As Atlas quoted, “there’s a lot of backlash to trans people being involved with in sports at the moment, at both a competitive and leisure level.” Getting involved with sport for disabled queers is a lot harder for that part of the community, as they are heavily gendered and lack the funding that accommodates for disabilities.

‘Let Disabled Queers Play’ is a protest piece of art which educates people on a variety of issues that disabled members of the LGBTQ+ community face. This placard is a call for more inclusion and to encourage the discussion around bettering this. Full of bright, expressive colour and references to ‘Sport For All’, Atlas’ art is a must-see for Brighton Pride 2022.

Head over to our size?Brighton store for a closer look! Also, be sure to follow Atlas on Instagram, and check out our blog for more Pride 2022 content.

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