adidas Originals SL82 | adidas Originals Bern | Reebok Classic Leather & LT Court – size? previews 2022 – Episode 04

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Episode 04 of size?previews is here! Tune in to catch an exclusive look at our upcoming projects with adidas Originals and Reebok, whilst Luke and Binns dive deep into the first-ever re-size? draw which sees us bring back an undisputed grail – the Nike Air Yeezy 1 ‘Zen Grey’.

adidas Originals SL 82 – size? Exclusive

We’ve got the green light on our own pair of exclusive adidas Originals SL 82s. A time capsule back to ’82, we’ve mirrored two colourways that we found in a vintage Haynes manual from ’82. Both shoes are caked in neon hues, helping them exude an authentic ‘80s vibe throughout. Bright and summer-ready, this pair features all the classic details throughout.

Reebok Classics ‘Silverwell Street’

A homage to the North West, here’s another pair of size? Exclusive storytelling trainers that nod to Bolton’s famous Silverwell Street. Featuring an LT Court and a Classic Leather, these models celebrate where the label came from with nostalgic details throughout. Something very different from the traditional Reeboks, this exclusive was a privilege to make.

adidas Originals Bern ‘size? Exclusive’

Yes. Even more adidas Originals – size? Exclusives to add to your rotation, we’ve been treating you with 3-Stripes this year. Introducing two new colourways for the iconic Bern; size? Exclusive, these shoes come in two bright colours and feature terrace-ready details throughout. 3-Stripes, unique colours and an amazing streamlined shape – these are a real highlight of 2022.

We are also super excited to announce re-size? We’ll be offering the chance to win some rare silhouettes closely aligned with sneaker collecting culture and sourced from respected influential individuals. For the first of the re-size? series, draw entries will be £10 and proceeds will go to charity.

Keep checking the blog for more size?previews!

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