We caught up with SNKRS ‘N’ HOUSEPLANTS for Air Max Day

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SNKRS ‘N’ HOUSEPLANTS is a community space for people with a love for both sneaker and plant drops alike. The content naturally has an affinity with sustainability, something that has resonated with the growing number of people who get involved with the community.

In line with the release of the Nike Air Max 1 ‘La Ville Lumiere’, we caught up with Tasha and Joey from SNKRS ‘N’ HOUSEPLANTS to find out more about their community. We asked them about the inspiration for their project, as well as getting a valuable insight into where they want this community to go. As Joey described – “The ideas are endless really – start small and think big”.

As well as offering a platform for their passions and hobbies, SNKRS ‘N’ HOUSEPLANTS are introducing workshops to their brand – “We are future-proofing the Air Max 1 by pressing creative content and allowing underrepresented backgrounds to explore an industry that they might not have thought they’d be able to get into.”

Throughout sneaker and plant communities, creativity is found with ease. Tasha described that “we want to teach the generation that Air Max is all about expression” The future is bright for the SNKRS ‘N’ HOUSEPLANTS community.

Check out their website and get involved today!

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