International Women’s Day: Meet Babes On Waves

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For International Women’s Day, we’ve introduced you to our event that is taking place on Friday 4th March at BENK&BO. Now – in their own words – here’s an in-depth profile on our collaborators, Babes On Waves. Have a Read…

Babes On Waves is the internet hangout for anyone from an underrepresented community who wants to make waves in biz, (but also build genuine friendships and have fun). When you look at the stats around POC groups across business, household income and confidence, it’s pretty scary! That’s why we provide a vital space for Black and brown women and non-binary people to feel seen and heard. We champion babes from all backgrounds because diversity is more complex than skin colour. We’re redefining what it means to be a members club, one babe at a time. 

Our founder Jazz created Babes on Waves after going through some personal stuff and feeling really out of place in the world. She started looking for a space to meet other creative women and swap ideas, stories (and the occasional silly meme), but the groups she found didn’t have anyone who looked like her in them. So, she decided to create her own community. She connected with a group of 10 women online and asked if they wanted to meet up once a month to chat about biz ideas. They did! And from there the concept of BOW quickly bloomed.

Today Babes on Waves has become the go-to place for anyone who doesn’t fit the traditional script of what ‘success’ looks like in business. With over 150 members, we offer a blend of education and connection, all for just £29.99 a month. Babes who sign up get access to our exclusive online community, monthly business match-making calls, directory of members and tons of other resources they can use however they like. That could be learning new skills from the comfort of their bedroom (we have over 100 hours of our recorded educational content on everything from pensions to personal goal setting), or meeting up IRL and making new friends at our supper clubs, co-working dates and collaborative projects.

The best bit? We control who we allow into our space. That means members have a massive chance of finding real business friends as they’re surrounded by like-minded babes. They know they’ll feel safe, respected and seen.

Want in? You can browse our directory rn for talent for your next creative project, subscribe to our knowledge-packed newsletter for free resources or get involved fully and come join our club! 

How do you know if you’re a babe on a wave?

You’re a giver, not a taker. (Get your mind out of the gutter babe, we mean in life, friendships and business).

Diversity is more than a buzzword for you. It’s a no-brainer to include people from all backgrounds in everything you do.

You bring that exclamation mark energy. We like to have fun so it’s essential that all babes can laugh at themselves and not take life too seriously. 

Our biz bestie success stories 

Sara + Amberlee @sarora_knots & @line_and_honey

These babes were originally paired up to talk about work, but quickly discovered a

mutual love for good food. Now they do bottomless bao brunch dates in the city.

Karlee + Char @helloklean & @muihood

These two cuties connected over their passion for all things beauty and quickly

became partners in crime! Karlee has now hired Char as her social media manager.

Shaneika + Belinda @toastedbananabread_ & @shaneikajsimms

These queens were accountability partners and became besties through our

matchmaking. They’re so close, Belinda is now even going to Shaneika’s wedding!

The Babes On Waves timeline

2018 – Our founder Jazz is depressed af, fed up with feeling like she doesn’t belong.

2019 – She launches a magazine called Babes On Waves. Cute name, not the right concept.

2020 – After connecting with others online, she launches Babes On Waves as we know it today.

2021 – We gain 150 members and host hundreds of URL and IRL events.

2022 – We secure epic brand partnerships, team up with dream organisations to help them become more inclusive (and also just vibier) PLUS we get our own poster on Oxford Street!!!

2023 – World domination? Jk. (kinda)

Our pillars- everything we do is rooted in these 3 values:




Find out more information on the Babes On Waves site. Also, keep an eye on our socials and blog for more announcements!

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