International Women’s Day with Babes On Waves and Reebok

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International Women’s Day is just around the corner, and we have something very exciting in store for it. In collaboration with Babes On Waves – and sponsored by Reebok – we’ll be hosting a jam-packed day full of confidence coaching, workshops, size?sessions and more!

Taking place on Friday 4th March, this event is entitled ‘Making Waves’, really bringing to light of Babes On Waves is all about. The event is going to be split into two parts, with workshops taking place from 12-6, while a panel and size?sessions will take place in the evening from 6-10:30 at BENK&BO, with an exclusive cocktail bar from Havana Club. There will also be five tickets available to win for the evening event; you can enter for these via size?access on our size?launches app.

We are super excited to be working with Babes On Waves – a project that we have admired for some time. Founded by Jasmin Douglas in 2020, Babes On Waves is a collective that supports underrepresented people in making waves across business and creative outlets. Diversity is at the core of this company, plus they have the goal of reshuffling the hierarchy, offering a completely new direction for what it means to be a member’s club.

Now boasting over 150 members, this family continues to grow! Babes On Waves offers education and advice, a variety of skillsets to work on, real-life meetups, supper clubs to make new friends, co-working dates, collaborative projects and more. This is a safe space for like-minded positivity, with a drive for constructive changes within industries.

Our IWD celebrations with Babes On Waves and Reebok take place on Friday 4th March at BENK&BO. Keep an eye on our socials and blog for more announcements! Sign up to size?access following the links below…

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