size?day – A Catch up with Steph Morris

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In the lead up to size?day on Friday 14th January, we’ve caught up with a couple size? Alumni who spent a period of their life within the team, either in our HQ or in one of our retail stores, and have since gone on to do amazing things with their lives.

First up we caught up with Steph Morris, an incredible pencil artist who worked here at size? HQ back in 2016. Steph was part of our design team, working on a variety of creative projects, size? Exclusive Campaigns, and a lot of different behind the scenes elements to help keep the brand ticking. At the same time, Steph was continuing to develop her own incredible artwork.

Working within the realm of ‘hyperrealism’, Steph’s hand drawn illustrations of some of the most hyped releases are overwhelming to look at. Both the black & white and coloured works feel as though you’re looking at an image until you head in closer and see each pencil stroke built up layer by layer to create a wide range of textures depending on the shoe. This attention to detail and patience has found her working on projects together with Jeff Staple, Versace, Sneaker Freaker and many more.

As part of our size?day draws on 14th January, Steph has kindly donated one of her Sold Out prints entitled ‘The One’, an illustration of a signed pair of original Jordan 1’s from 1985. You can be in with the chance of winning it by signing up and becoming a member of size? access via our launches app, and entering the draw for just £1!

All proceeds generated from each of our size?day Draws will be donated to Manchester Youth Zone, a Community based charity working to help better the lives of young people in Manchester.

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