size? Previews: an interview with Vans Product Archivist and Historian Catherine Acosta

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We recently ventured down to the House of Vans in London for a journey through the rich history of Vans Needlepoint. Luke and Chris met up with Vans Product Archivist and Historian Catherine Acosta to find out about the Needlepoint collection and how it revolutionised DIY trainers forever.

With no surprise, Catherine has an abundance of knowledge about this special collection, so we got to delve into the collection’s origins and influence. The Needlepoint collection was a defining part of the brand’s DNA, while it showed that brands could let customers have a part in the creative process of designing footwear, bringing a personal story to each trainer.

Oh yeah, we also got a glimpse at some authentic OG Needlepoint silhouettes, gaining an insight into the craftsmanship and depth of detail on the shoes. So, without further ado, watch this interview to find out much more about the collection!

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