We caught up with creative director Emma from LID Shop

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Emma Loughridge is an all-around creative director that makes hats, sells vintage clothes and runs events – she is also a lover of Nike Air silhouettes. Feeling the need to stay creative in lockdown, Emma started LID Shop, a bucket hat store that goes against fast fashion with a create-your-own ethos and sustainable materials.

“LID Shop is my little hat business, so I make bucket hats, I started in lockdown and it was kind of like a lockdown project. I started using sustainable materials, so taking vintage clothes and giving them a new life and story. So, I think it’s really cool that Nike is bringing back the iconic silhouettes but with sustainable materials.”

From reworked vintage Levi’s jeans to patchwork Burberry designs, Emma’s hats are streetwear staples that encapsulate a Manchester aesthetic. What’s more, she has a part in Ed’s Kilo Sale – a vintage streetwear sale that ventures to cities around the UK.

“So, day to day, I’ll wake up and go to the vintage warehouse and start organising the kilo events that we do there. After work, I usually go to Gone Fishing Vintage, go and check in there, then go back in the evening and do some concepts and photo shoots. Then on the weekend, usually it will be shooting videos.”

Emma also has an interest in trainer culture, remembering her first pair of Nike Air Force 1s that she bought on eBay at 14. This sparked a love of Nike’s Air Max lineage – especially the shoes from the ‘90s – a range of pivotal silhouettes that have moulded streetwear styles ever since.

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