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We are back for another size? collections, and with the forthcoming release of the adidas Originals TRX 85, we thought it would be fitting to showcase a collection of 3-Stripes this week. So, let’s introduce you to a quick backstory to this collection…

Last month, we hosted an event at Jimmy’s Bar in Liverpool for our exclusive adidas Originals Trimm Star ‘The Lost Ones – Mark Evans’ silhouette. During this successful evening – celebrating a great cause – we bumped into an array of characters to chat about all things music and trainers.

During the evening, we managed to catch up with Dasslers Finest, a well-known trainer-head in the adidas terrace community. We got talking to Dassler about our forthcoming adidas Originals TRX 85 and found out that he is actually in possession of one of the OG adidas Originals Lady TRX silhouette from ’85.

That isn’t the only TRX he owns either; he has got a real broad collection to hand. So, we thought it would be fitting to invite him to share it, delve into the collection below…

TRX – Made in Yugoslavia

“Originally released around 1977. One of the iconic training shoes from the adidas range and one of my favourite runner models. Apparently, one of the last models that Adi Dassler designed/worked on. The shoe has periodically been released over the years, with the last reissue in the blue/yellow colour in 2009.”

Lady TRX – Made in Austria

“Originally released around 1979. This vibrant colourway has a narrower fit than the men’s model of the time. These colours have appeared on a few men’s TRX models over the last 20 or so years.”

TRX Runner – Made in West Germany

“Originally released in the mid-1980s. This shoe was recently released (with some minor changes) as the TRX Vintage.”

TRX Competition – Made in Taiwan

“Originally released in the late 1970s. This was a lightweight model and targeted more serious runners of the era. A few variants followed after this model.”

TRX – 2009 reissue

“Based on the original 1970s shoe. Probably the most popular TRX model and colour. Long due for another release – in my opinion. The recent TRX Mesh reissue is the closest we have for now.”

TRX Trainer – Made in the USA

“Unfortunately, this pair – even though brand new and boxed – has fallen to the ravages of time. This pair is from the 1980s, and I may or may not get them repaired. The blue/silver colour appeared on several TRX models during this era.”

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