We spoke to Che Lingo at the Glasgow size? session

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Following another showstopping size? session, this time at Glasgow’s The Poetry Club, we caught up with our headliner Che Lingo to talk style, shoes, and who we should be listening to right now. Having recently signed to Idris Elba’s 7wallace imprint, we had to grab 5 minutes to see what the future holds for this artist on the rise.

Back with Rinse FM, and bringing Reebok into the mix to celebrate the launch of their ‘Reebok Reserves’ archival classics collections, Glasgow did not disappoint. With an electric crowd and standout performances from Edinburgh-based hip-hop artist Billy Got Waves, Glasgow DJ collective Magic City, and local DJ/broadcaster K4CIE, stay tuned to see the videos from one of our hottest size? sessions so far…

Che Lingo

Releasing his debut album EP ‘Charisma’ in 2018, South-London based artist Che Lingo’s heartfelt takes on rapping has seen him gain a real name within the scene. His debut album ‘Sensitive’ – which comes almost as a mission statement – was released the following year, and saw him picked up by Idris Elba’s 7Wallace imprint. With upside of a million streams on tracks ‘My Block’ and ‘Dark Days’ – we can’t wait to see this artist on the rise.

Growing up, who were you listening to that really got you interested in music? And what different genres of music?

“I grew up hearing a lot of old school reggae records at home, then grime connected then hip hop. I had access to the local youth club and was always spitting with my friends at school in the playground.”

What is your approach to writing music? Do you start with the beat first or lyrics?

“Depends on my mood and what music I’m writing to. I’ve written verses to no music in the back seats of cabs many a time.”

How long did it take you to find your style?

“I just go with what resonates most sonically and what sounds make me feel strongest for where I am and what I can see in my head.”

You have a unique sound that is ever-growing more popular, what do you think it is that sets your sound apart from other rappers?

“Honesty and intricacy.”

Is there any rising talent coming up that you think people should be expecting big things from?

– Rachel Chinouriri
– Lex Amore
– Dreya Mac

Any dream collaborations or people you’d love the chance to work with on a track?

– Kaytranada
– Brent Fiyaz
– Mereba
– JAE5
– Rueben James
– Dave

What are your plans to develop as an artist? What do you hope to achieve in the future?

“I want to create a place (musically, physically, mentally, emotionally) for people to go when they’re not lit/doing it for show. A space where you can just be who you are respectfully with other people doing the same thing. I want my albums to be that, my merch to feel that way and my tours to house and facilitate that.”

Last but not least, what is your go-to trainer and why?

“Whatever feels most comfortable at the time. Comfort is key.”

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