Raising money for Juliet with Rosie Anwara size? ‘City Series’ Decorations

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One of our area managers – Alan Bain – is raising money for his sister Juliet who has sadly been diagnosed with cancer. While Juliet is currently under the NHS at the moment, that will end soon, and the crucial drugs that she will need are priced up to £7,000 per use – she’ll need 6 or 7 of those. At just 43 years old and six months into the terrible life expectancy prognosis, the goal is to raise £10,000 for Juliet – raffles and events will help achieve this goal.

To help this cause, we have teamed up with Rosie Anwara, who was recently featured on our Vans Needlework Creators Series. She has created six decorations inspired by last year’s ‘City Series’ size? Exclusives. These will be raffled on our launches app, with a £1 entry fee after you answer one easy question. Included is the Havana, Cordoba, Joburg, Shanghai, Liverpool and Stuttgart – these are a must-have for fans of 3-Stripes and niche household decorations – get involved.

The raffle is live on our launches app now and ends Monday 18th October – read Terms and Conditions here – good luck!

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