First up in our latest Vans Needlework series is @curriegoat

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Teaming up with Vans on the Needlework collection, we’re proud to present another from our Creator Series. Next up, Denzel – AKA @curriegoat – a unique cut & sew artist who runs his own customised rugs and clothing brand (curriegoatclo), based in London.

Denzel’s designs often feature a tattoo-like aesthetic, while his YouTube channel elevates his creations, bringing them to life through augmented reality. While his work may be animated enough, once through the lens, the figures can often be seen moving, breathing fire, and taking on a life of their own.

Using the skull-print Vans Authentic Anaheim 44 DX ‘Needlework’ as inspiration, he created a rug featuring a skeletal angel tattooing the Vans design themselves. piece really does come alive through the lens. Through augmented reality, Denzel’s ‘skeletangel’ is a visual demonstration of an artistic process.

For your chance to win this rug, head over to our TikTok >

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