size? collections – Shay D – rapper/ youth projects manager/radio DJ

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Time to reveal another incredible size? collections; this week, we head to North London to catch up with Shay D. A musician, youth projects manager and DJ, Shay D is a hyped wordsmith and a well-known name within the UK hip hop scene. Shay has played shows at Glastonbury, Shambala Festival, WOW Festival and more! What’s more, features on BBC 1xtra Live Lounge, Redbull TV and Channel 4 show that the artist is renowned on a widespan of well-known platforms.

Besides her busy career, Shay D is something of a bag enthusiast. So, for this week’s size? Collections, Shay showed us through her collection of bags; from rare finds, anti-racism and high-end fashion, there are some real gems. As always, have a scroll and check out the collection…


“I bought this black handbag 19 years ago from a vintage fair in Hampstead. Me and my friend wanted to go to a random thing we’d never gone to before, so we thought of the richest area in London and found ourselves at this fair! I saw this bag with its unusual shape, gold links and craft- it was so dope, then the lady selling it said it belonged to this independent feminist woman from some stately home in the 1920s! So, I was like YES! I loved the energy behind it, so I bought it off her for mad cheap. It has literally lasted the test of time & everyone always comments on it. It’s a deep bag with a woman power history in it.”


“My original Tomme studio basketball bag is one of my favourite items. When I discovered Tomme bags I was hooked. If I was a bag, I’d be this bag. I’m obsessed with gold, and the basketball is a soft original ball, and you can actually fit SO MUCH in it. It’s like a Mary Poppins bag lol. I get so many people asking me where I got it. I also love that it’s an independent British designer handcrafting it. There are lots of fake versions now, but you can literally see the difference from bare far.”

ESR bag

“I love that I found and ordered my End Systemic Racism bag before Kim Kardashian did lol! During the BLM movement, I had donated all my funds from my music sales to the Philadelphia Bail organisations to help free wrongly arrested protesters in America and it is how I came across Brandon Blackwood, a young designer from New York. All his bags are handmade, and he donated a portion of proceeds to the pro bono legal assistance program Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights. I ordered my mini beige tote, and I love that it’s a statement and looks cold as well.”

Box Bag

“This bag has caused rifts and debates. To me, it’s a bag to some a box with handles, but I love it. I actually love to see through bags generally, from jelly bags to string vest bags, but this is so dope. The gold clasps sold me, and the brown turtle tint is perfect. I love that it causes a debate every time I’m around someone new. What do you think lol?”

High Heel Bag

“I have had this clutch bag for 12 years. It is such soft leather, and the colours are so bright and contrasting. Every time I want to feel really feminine and girly I wear this bag with bright pink lipstick, and it just makes me feel like a bad gal. I have some AF1 shadows and Puma creepers that proper go with it too!”

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