size? Collections – Jermaine Jones – size? Toronto Full Time Sales Associate

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With our size? Toronto store opening, we are connecting with some of our new staff members for our size? Collections series. First, we saw Angelo Fajardo’s rare collection of jackets, and now, Jermaine Jones is showcasing his record collection.

There are some real gems in this collection, so why not have a scroll and have a read about what they mean to Jermaine…


“The majority of my collection has been gifted to me by family and friends. Thankfully, my grandmother has good taste in music and put me on to a lot of throwbacks. I feel like music has the ability to showcase your personality and once stores open up again, I look forward to digging through crates and adding to this collection. I’ll definitely be looking for more R&B and old school reggae.”

Sade ‘Promise’ (1985)

“I didn’t grow up listening to Sade; I had to do my due diligence and tap in with her discography and as I did that, she has become my favourite r&b artist. I’m on the hunt to find her ‘Lovers Rock’ vinyl.”

Al Green ‘Express Your Mind’ (1974)

“I’ve always wanted to be a fly on the wall to experience music in the era it originally came out. Al Green is one of my grandmother’s favourite artists so it’s only right I have one of the best r&b / soul artists in my collection.”

Earth, Wind & Fire ‘Raise!’ (1981)

“My first introduction to Earth, Wind & Fire was, of course, their hit songs ‘September’ and ‘Let’s Groove’. Raise! Gets a lot of spins during Saturday morning cleaning.”

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