size? Podcast x Rinse: ‘Legends of Jungle’

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For this month’s size? podcast x Rinse we are inviting some ‘Legends of Jungle’ for a chat about the rich music scene. Shedding light on their own experiences within the jungle scene, we have invited three pioneers to the mix – Eastman, Uncle Dugs and DJ Kenny Ken.

So – before we release the size? podcast on Sunday – we thought we’d give you a little introduction to the artists. Have a scroll and make sure you keep an eye out on this page for the podcast!


Joining Jyoty on presenting duties is one of the most recognisable names in the genre – Eastman. Hailing from London, Eastman was a founder of Kool FM; this was a well-known platform for kickstarting some of the best careers in the game. What’s more, Eastman was behind the Jungle Fever rave brand, one of the most authentic raves for jungle enthusiasts. So, for this ‘Legends of Jungle’ size? Podcast, we can’t think of a better host to lead the way. 

Uncle Dugs

Also on the roster is Uncle Dugs, one of Rinse FM’s legendary DJs who has been involved with the scene for decades. Uncle Dugs is also a scene historian, boasting an abundance of first-hand experience to share with a raver, artist, and radio presenter. From DJing to interviewing over 300 rave legends, jungle is his passion, and he knows every detail about it. Award-wise, he has titles for the best radio show and best jungle DJ at the Jungle Awards in 2019 – proving his reputation on the scene. 

DJ Kenny Ken

We welcome another well-renowned jungle pioneer to the mix and celebrated for his involvement in the acid house and rave scenes before. Known for winning the jungle soundclash belt in 1994, this achievement helped him achieve legend status as the scene was in full swing. Also, in the mid-90s he had a popular show on Kiss 11, while he appeared on BBC Radio 1’s One In The Jungle show in 1995. Another glut of jungle knowledge features on this show – we are buzzing to have him on this podcast. 

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