size? sessions x Rinse – ‘Legends of Jungle’

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This month, our collaboration with Rinse FM continues, and we are bringing you an extensive roster of jungle and drum & bass legends this time around. From esteemed DJs to tireless MCs, we have got an incredible mixture of artists who have helped jungle evolve into what it is today. We’ll be joined by DJ Ron, DJ SL, MC Moose, MC Navigator, Ragga Twins and more!

Before we share the sets with you though, you can check out interviews with each artist below. Have a scroll, and keep an eye on this blog for this month’s session which lands on Thursday!

DJ Ron + DJ SL with MC Moose and MC Navigator

DJ Ron

One of the pioneers of jungle, he has helped its sound evolve into what it is today. From travelling the world – rave to rave – to starting the iconic Some’ting Records in ’94, he has been a central figure in the jungle scene. His shows on Kool FM in the ‘90s were the stuff of legend too, offering a platform for himself and an array of guest MCs.


DJ Ron and DJ SL’s ‘90s jungle shows were iconic, so, having this pair perform on our size? sessions is a real privilege. One of jungle’s OGs, he also had a show on the iconic Kool FM, a go-to station for devotees of the music scene. DJ Ron and SL link up once again for a set, we are super excited to show you!

MC Moose 

Often referred to as the godfather of jungle MCs, MC Moose is an undeniable veteran of the music scene. This reputation is earned too, Moose’s skills are respected across the whole scene, ever since his time on pirate radios like ‘Time Radio WLR’ and ‘Traffic Jam’. One of the longest-running MCs, his voice and unique style has inspired MCs for decades.

MC Navigator

Joining this brilliantly talented array of jungle legends is the one and only MC Navigator. Originating as a UK reggae soundboy, Navigator transitioned into a jungle artist in the early ‘90s as the music scene began to flourish. On top of being a jungle legend, Navi has released hit records and ventured on tours around the globe – make sure you catch this set!

DJ Brockie with Ragga Twins

DJ Brockie

DJ Brockie joins this size? sessions bill; the artist is well-known in the jungle scene for his long-running partnership with MC Det. What’s more, DJ Brockie’s Sunday night show on Kool FM is one of the oldest and most loved jungle/Drum and Bass shows around, starting way back in 1991. One of the genre’s OG members, Brockie is known for his early status on the jungle scene, acting as one of its main pioneers.

Ragga Twins

The Ragga Twins contribution to Jungle is huge, their unique sound and thriving energy took the genre to new levels. One of John Peel’s favourite groups, the brothers made a statement in the early ‘90s with singles like ‘Spliffhead’, ‘Wipe the Needle’ and ‘Hooligan 69’. Hailing from Hackney in London, the pair are celebrated for pioneering jungles authoritative sound. It is a privilege to have them on a size? sessions.

Nicky Blackmarket with MC Shabba

Nicky Blackmarket

We are hyped to have one of the key figures of the jungle and Drum and Bass scene join us for this size? session – the one and only Nicky Blackmarket. One of the key figures on the scene since the early ‘90s, Nicky is renowned for his skills on the decks and producing. From his early days in the ‘80s mixing at youth clubs in London to playing events around the world, he has come a long way. He was also renowned for being a part-owner at the legendary Blackmarket Records in Soho.

MC Shabba D

Joining Nicky is an MC who doesn’t need too much of an introduction in the jungle and DnB scene. MC Shabba made a name for himself on pirate radios as a teenager, featuring on Weekend Rush and Kool FM. He is also one of the members of Drum and Bass supergroup SaSaSaS; founded in London, this is a renowned musical group full of household names. While he is one of the biggest names in the UK MC scene, he has travelled the world, touring Japan in 2000 in his early 20s.

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