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Another week, another size? collections for you to feast your eyes upon. This time, we’ve invited one of our own to showcase a striking array of Reebok silhouettes, in line with our recent ‘Classics by size?’ capsule.

Cameron Poole – a Social Media Executive at size? HQ – has an eye for an incredible Reebok collaboration. From collabs with Kendrick Lamar, to a super rare La Haine release, this collection has some real gems. Delve into this collection below…

Full Collection

“Unfortunately, I don’t have some elaborate story as to how I got into Reebok. When I was a kid, it was all about what my Mum could afford, so that – combined with the odd trip to the Reebok outlet in Cheshire Oaks – is when I first became familiar with the brand. It’s funny, because what started as a necessity – some trainers to knock about the estate in – turned into a deeper interest with the brand. It’s an interest that has been prominent through my teens, to now in my mid-twenties, with influence from commercials, music, memorabilia, collaborations and I guess its North of England origins.”

RBK S.Carter Tennis

“In 2003, as part of Reebok’s ‘Sound & Rhythm of Sport’ RBK partnership, Jay-Z and RBK launched the S.Carter line. In the same year, the ‘G-Unit Collection by RBK’ with 50-Cent also launched. What came from those two partnerships is possibly my favourite commercial of all-time. If you haven’t already seen it, I suggest searching it on YouTube. Both trainers featured in the commercial are Jay Z’s ‘S Dot’ and 50 Cent’s ‘G6’ and they both collaborated on tune together for it. This is the S.Carter Tennis from ’04 which I picked up off eBay for less than 25 quid. I’m still on the hunt for the two featured in the commercial though, but I doubt I’ll find them at that price.”

Reebok Club C Revenge x BRONZE56K

“I guess for now, before I eventually find that OG G6 pair, these will have to suffice. In 2019, BRONZE56K and Reebok teamed up on the Reebok Club C Revenge, taking pull from 50’s famed G-Unit trainer. The G6 was one of those pairs I gauped at in those small full-price sections at the Reebok outlets, so that, combined with my brother’s 50 Cent CD’s that I used to rob from his room as a kid, makes them a pair I’ve always wanted to get my hands on. I’m no skater, but I’m thankful that BRONZE56K brought back a colourway I’ve always wanted, to a silhouette I always wear. Well played.”

Reebok Classic Leather Lux x Kendrick Lamar

“Moving onto another hip hop partnership, this pair is from Kendrick Lamar’s 4th and final release in his “Red and Blue” capsule. I purchased these whilst listening to a lot of KL at the time, the same year he did that powerful Grammy performance in 2016. The capsule stood for the theme of gang neutrality with the colours of the Bloods & Crips forming the backdrop of all four releases. This pair drew inspiration from a saying originating in KL’s hometown of Compton “When you mix red and blue together you make green”. The result is unity, growth, and positivity. On the heels, the words “red” and “blue” are embossed, and the insoles feature both colours with his signature.”

Reebok Club C 85 x Eric Emanuel

“When these were released, Eric Emanuel said in an interview “The Club C is the first shoe I have done that I can honestly say is an everyday shoe” – and that’s exactly what they are, I guess that’s the same with all the Club C shoes that I own. The Club C has managed to survive the time of space-aged runners – but like any white on white leather trainer – they’re a chore to keep clean so it’s true what the late great Gary Warnett said “The shoes are a challenge to keep pristine, but recession-proof enough to replace” and that, combined with the fact they’re an undeniably timeless design is why there will always be a Club C on my shoe rack.”

Reebok Club C 85 x Patta

“When I first caught wind of these being an in-store exclusive release, I texted a friend of mine who had recently moved to work in size? Amsterdam store to see if he could get me a pair. Luckily, he did, but by the time they arrived – due to Covid shipping delays – they’d already received a wider release online. Nonetheless, I was buzzing when they came through the door and thankful to get pair. It’s not the most ‘out there’ collaboration, but what the shoe stands for with Patta branding and the Pan-African flag – it doesn’t need to be overly complex.”

Reebok Club C x 85 Story mfg.

“The execution from start to finish was great by Story.mfg on these. The transparency in the development around the release allowed me to learn about Story.mfg and their attitude a bit more. It was interesting to see how they approached the art direction for the campaign and the process behind growing the mushrooms out of the shoes for the shoot was fun to see. The design of the shoe lives in the intersection of both Story.mfg and Reebok worlds and which makes a great collab.”

Reebok Club C Revenge MU x SNEEZE Mag

“SNEEZE Mag and Reebok joined forces on this minimal make-up of the Club C Revenge whilst The George Floyd Protests were ongoing. SNEEZE threw its full weight behind the #BlackLivesMatter protests, with 100% of the proceeds from sales on its site being donated to #BlackLivesMatter. In terms of design, again, it’s nothing mind-blowing. With no wasted space, excess colour or unnecessary detailing, the collaborative design screams tasteful minimalism. They’re probably my most worn Club C at the moment, I should’ve doubled up…”

Reebok NL Paris x La Haine, signed by Mathieu Kassovitz

“Last year, Reebok helped director Mathieu Kassovitz celebrate the 25th anniversary of my all-time favourite film, La Haine, by bringing back three trainers featured in the movie. The three trainers featured were the classic NPC Crest OG, Classic Leather OG, and NL Paris – worn by characters Vinz, Said, and Hubert. This pair is from the initial launch which released exclusively through a charity auction in Paris. After a boat a load of emails and big battle with Google Translate, I finally got them. This particular pair is number 5 out of 25 pairs ever produced and are hand-signed by Mathieu Kassovitz himself. They’ve never and never will be worn I don’t think, but we’ll see what happens…”

Reebok Advanced Concepts Zig Kinetica II x Helen Kirkum

“Following up from their 2019 Sole Fury collaboration, Reebok and Helen Kirkum teamed up to reimagine the Zig. The collection featured only 20 pairs, each one handmade from repurposed Reebok trainer. My pair is number 04, and the shoe not only tells a story through Reebok silhouettes but also the history of HK’s collaboration so far. Accompanying this pair was a limited-edition zine, which Helen says, “They carry memories of the previous collaboration whilst inviting you in to be a part of the next one, celebrating wearing and making in a playful way.” Joe Foster, the founder of Reebok, congratulated me on getting a pair of Helen’s amazing piece of art, and that’s exactly what they are. Art.”

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