Mental Health Awareness Week: escapism in Newcastle with a size? Expert

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To finish our small UK tour for Mental Health Awareness Week, we headed to Newcastle to catch up with Lee McClusky.

Lee is a size? Expert in our Newcastle store, he gave us a tour of Newcastle, showing us spaces where he likes to get a bit of escapism.

Grainger Market

If you are a bit of a foodie, Grainger Market is bustling and full of various cuisines for you to indulge in. What’s more, you can even find cobblers, florists and jewellers, offering an authentic market experience.

The Hoi Polloi

One of the Toon’s best spots for a trim, The Hoi Polloi is a great spot to chill out, let off some steam, and of course, get a fresh haircut. Taking pride in their exquisite service, expect a good hearty chat and a quick beer if you fancy it.

Gateshead Millennium Bridge

A true pinnacle of British engineering, the Gateshead Millennium Bridge is an amazing spectacle to gaze at. With a world-renowned tilting method and amazing views, a stroll across it is a must-do when mooching around this North East hotspot.

Tyne Bridge/ Newcastle City Marina

Another bridge to have a walk to; the Tyne Bridge – located on the Quayside – boasts an incredible view. What’s more, you can venture to the Newcastle City Marina for some of the city’s renowned bustling atmosphere at its range of restaurants, bars and historic spots.


Fancy a quick drink, a bite to eat or a walk down The Ouseburn river? We thought so; this spot is rich in history, and its aesthetic fits in with the city’s industrial heritage. Regenerated over the years, this space is full of art galleries, guided tours, and scenery to lose yourself in.

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