size? syllabus: we have teamed up with Converse and four students

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We are joined by Converse and four creatives for our latest size? syllabus campaign.

At size?, we are committed to showcasing up and coming talent, as we believe that younger people are the most committed to changing the world we live in. Due to the pandemic, students are living through uncertain times with their futures unknown due to the current economic, social and political obstacles.

So, we want to give back something to these communities and offer an opportunity to prove that their creativity and talent is still valuable.

Inspired by DIY artistry – and in collaboration with Converse – we decided to offer a diverse group of ambitious and creative students the chance to orchestrate a campaign for size? syllabus.

Our collaborators included students from around the country who had their role in bringing together the styling, set design, photography and graphic treatment for the project.

These included: @hinna.styling (Stylist), a Fashion Promotion and Styling student from the University of Central Lancashire; @agyepkdesigns (Set Designer) who studies illustration at the Arts University Bournemouth; @quinnlovero (Photographer), a photographer at Nottingham Trent University; and finally, @holliehoman (Graphic Designer) who studies Fashion Communication and Marketing at the Arts University Bournemouth.

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