Find out more about Lady Passion as we continue our size? sessions x Rinse collab

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We are welcoming South London DJ and Seamstress @lawonder_moodswing to our latest chapter of the size? sessions x Rinse collaboration.

Lady Passion’s love for music was ignited at a young age; inspired by her brother’s – Lamont and Cameron (DJ Perception) – she began record digging and building her collection at the age of 11. This also motivated her to start mixing, immersing herself in rich sounds ranging from jungle, grime and UK garage.

Over the years, she spent many hours in Wanted Music while also had a Saturday job at Swag Records – these were experiences that elevated her connection with music. While she has DJ experience in abundance, she also uses her creativity to sew bespoke corsetry too.

We managed to catch up with Lady Passion, we spoke about her Camberwell origins, musical influences and more…

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