size? collections – Jenny Simmons – founder of MANON Magazine

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For this size? collections, we caught up with @jennysimeone – the editor of MANON Magazine. This magazine is a platform to celebrate female football stories around the globe.

Jenny’s collection is a real treat; a fan of rare items, she showed us an obscure pair of Nike Air More Uptempos, some art and a Kanye West demo record.

Nike Air More Uptempo

“I found these while I was in the US and they were sold out everywhere I’d looked in Europe, so I had to buy. I definitely have more sneakers than I need, and probably like most people, end up having the same few pairs on rotation. I don’t bring the Uptempo out so often…”

MANON Magazines

“Since 2015 I’ve been creating MANON Magazine, a celebration of female football stories from across the globe. It’s a collection I’m really proud of and hope it’s one that continues to grow.”

Kanye West 2001 Demo Tape

“I received a record player as a gift and it has contributed to my financial downfall ever since! I’m always on the look-out for records I haven’t seen before and I found this early Kanye at a great store in Haarlem.”


“Throughout lockdown, I’ve been buying some art. Despite the way the world is working, somehow I haven’t yet found time to hang them.”

Keep checking back on the size blog for more size? collections.

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